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Whether your employees are heading across the country or crossing continents, Sirva has the on-the-ground international relocation services you need. From Canada to Australia and everywhere in between, we understand the nuances across each region . 

We provide offerings to satisfy your unique needs, whether selling a home in the U.S., managing a cross-country household goods move, or helping employees to get settled into their new homes in Europe. Our global experience means that you can count on seamless international relocation, no matter what’s next.

Departure Services

From the initial policy consulting call through the move itself, there are a lot of moving pieces associated with employee relocation. Whether planning a domestic or international relocation, SIRVA is expertly positioned to offer the best departure services available during a relocation in every region around the world.

Destination Services

Setting your employees up for success upon arrival at their new locations will be key to successfully meeting your company’s goals. SIRVA’s global network and expansive resources allow us to you achieve your goals. Our destination services and international movers help employees and their families settle in and prosper in their new homes.

Visa and Immigration

SIRVA’s team of experienced international relocation specialists are expertly equipped to manage inbound and outbound global immigration services. With SIRVA’s Immigration team, the focus is on providing a smooth customer experience that enhances the relocation process, not just achieving a successful application.

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Employee Counselling

For your employees, a single relocation professional assists with end-to-end coordination of services: a relocation consultant for domestic/intra-country moves or global assignment consultant for international relocation. These consultants are your employees’ resource for all communication and services relating to their move, and coordinate the delivery of all authorised services. Regardless of the service being delivered (temporary housing, moving services, etc.), the employee can rely on the consultant as their go-to resource to address any concerns. 

VIP Services

If you are searching for an enhanced service for your employees, SIRVA offers VIP services such as personal relocation assistants, in-home cleaning services, personalised family assistance, and many other tailored and luxury enhancements. 

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Tips to Prepare and Manage Your Move During Busy Season

  • by Chris Woodard
  • 14 May 2018 14:23:00

The physical relocation of an employee’s household goods is arguably one of the most critical elements of any relocation, and the success of the household goods experience may weigh heavily in the success of the overall relocation experience. During peak moving season, when demand exceeds supply, challenges can arise and impact the experience such as driver shortages, lessened flexibility, increased cost, and overall heightened stress levels. Below we discuss how to avoid peak season panic – providing insights and recommendations to ensure your move goes smoothly, whether you are the Global Mobility Manager, transferee or RMC.

Tips For Global Mobility Managers and Staff

  • Book in advance
  • Avoid RUSH moves, as they are:
    • Challenging to service in the manner for which we plan
    • More likely to incur damages if additional handling is required
    • More likely to incur increased costs if additional handling is required
    • Less likely to arrive at destination faster than moves planned well in advance
  • Keep cancellations or postponing to a minimum
  • Consider adding small shipment alternatives
    • Smaller shipments may have a longer transit time and wider delivery spread
    • Full-service container-like solutions offer greater flexibility for smaller shipments and can be added to an existing policy

    Tips For Transferees

    • Do not make travel plans the same day as the move
    • Do a thorough walk through with the driver before and after loading and unloading to make sure you are on the same page and that everything has been taken care of
    • The crew needs your attention especially on the day of delivery; if you have small children and pets have someone available to take care of them
    • Things will happen very fast once packing and loading begins, make sure you take any valuables/important papers and things you don’t want to end up in boxes and put them in a separate area out of the way the day before packing or the move
    • Make sure you understand and sign all the documentation presented by the crews, especially the bingo sheet indicating the items delivered and notation of any residence damage

    Tips for RMC's

    • Every move has unique challenges – be available and respond in a timely fashion for approvals
    • Capacity is an issue and will continue to be – make sure your carriers complement each others’ strengths and geographical positioning
    • Build a relationship with key personnel at the carrier so they understand what your expectations are as a customer and can work on your behalf when the “fur” starts to fly… because it will in the peak season
    • Have a cliff notes version of your account’s policy that the carrier understands and can execute effectively
    • Make sure transferees are advised to not scheduling closings too close or on the day of the move
    • Make sure transferees are available for in-home estimates early in the process so we can get that estimate to plan early on services
    • Make sure transferees show the estimator everything going so weight and cubes are accurate to avoid flow problems. If there are changes, make sure they tell the moving company ASAP.
    • Make sure transferees understand the delivery “spread” so they are available to take delivery to avoid extra costs such as waiting time and storage
    • Make sure transferees tick off their shipments at delivery to avoid claim hassles and missing items

    Key Takeaways to Remember When Planning For Your Move

    1. Plan ahead!
    2. Be flexible
    3. Communicate – especially by phone if the matter is urgent

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