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SIRVA’s reputation for developing innovative and flexible technology that’s easy to use has been a deciding factor for many of our newly-signed clients. We continue to invest millions to improve and enhance the relocation process for both mobility teams and the relocating employee.

Technology Built for HR and Transferees

Designed in conjunction with mobility professionals just like you, our relocation technology offerings are built to deliver insights and flexibility to HR while dramatically improving the experience for your transferring employees. 

This continual investment in mobility technology and close partnership with clients helps us deliver the most powerful, flexible and enjoyable technology in the industry. 

From lump sum, core flex and full-policy benefits employees to HR and mobility managers, there’s a SIRVA technology product for you. 

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SIRVA’s Core Operating Platform

Our operating platform, developed in-house by SIRVA, is a fully-integrated operational and financial model that supports direct-data upload into SIRVA’s business intelligence systems, as well as to all client and employee-facing web-based systems. Our technologies are globally consistent to ensure comprehensive end-to-end programme management and reporting.

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Connect+ Employee Experience 

Provide employees with a digital, stress-free relocation, complete with real-time relocation information and 24/7 consultant support in the palm of their hand.

Connect+ HR Portal 

Take back control of your mobility programme with a centralised dashboard that helps you view, understand and manage your employee relocations activity, expenses and tasks in real-time.


Connect+ Reporting 

Get powerful and personalised reporting and analytics to help you simplify your workflow, measure the performance of your programme and deliver insights that matter. 



Give your lump sum transferees the most powerful and flexible self-service relocation app available in the market today.

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iMOVE Lump Sum 

With iMove as their digital companion, your relocating employees can not only quickly and easily claim their lump sum payment, but it also provides them with tools to plan their move, explore their new destination, find a place to live and get moving services from a trusted list of suppliers. Plus, if they need assistance or have a question about their relocation, they can chat directly with one of our iMove Concierges right from the app.


Global Relocation Cost Estimator

Across town or around the world, employee relocations can vary in cost and logistics. Plan for relocation costs with our easy-to-use global relocation cost estimator.

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Extended Business Traveller

See how we can help support and protect both your company and your employees during their extended business travel assignments domestically and internationally. 

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Customised Solutions 

Our technology is built to respond to your needs and match the details of your corporate relocations programme. By integrating operations and finance capabilities, our tools are incredibly efficient, customisable and easy to use. The technology also supports direct-data upload into Sirva’s business intelligence systems and all HR- and employee-facing systems including HR workflow automation for pre-authorisations, flexible data integration and remote worker management. 

Our technologies are globally consistent to ensure comprehensive end-to-end programme management and reporting. Enjoy enterprise-grade capability with unmatched flexibility and support to meet the needs of today’s mobility programmes and managers

Advantages include:

  • Faster access to information
  • A single source of truth across mobility, visa and immigration, tax and other related systems
  • Extensibility and scale to make it simple to “plug and play” with other systems, while maintaining data integrity and security
  • Contact Sirva to create a customised relocations programme for your company and employees today. 

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