Do It Yourself Moving

SIRVA offers do-it-yourself moving options, such as SMARTBOX, for those who might be looking for an easy, affordable and efficient way to move themselves.


As a leader in global relocation and moving services, SIRVA now offers a simpler and safer way to move and store belongings – SMARTBOX. It’s a container solution that combines the best benefits of a do-it-yourself option and a full-service move. Imagine greater flexibility and convenient door-to-door delivery: Your employees simply pack the SMARTBOX container(s) at their own pace, with total control over how their belongings are packed and organised. SMARTBOX professional drivers then pick the container up for temperature-controlled storage or immediate delivery, providing a smarter storage and moving experience and a valuable enhancement to your mobility programme.


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Helpful SMART steps towards your employees’ next move and storage experience!


We’ve provided a helpful list below that will guide you through our process and inform you of key steps to follow.

  1. Complete the online Get A Quote form Here, or give us a call at 1.877.395-2102. When you contact us, please state whether you are seeking information about a local move, long distance move or storage options with us. Once we know what your individual need is, our SMARTBOX experts will provide you with a free quote and get you booked in.
  2. Prepare your belongings for moving or storage, then receive your SMARTBOX containers.
  3. Pack your SMARTBOX container. We never rush you; we want you to be able to pack at your own pace and convenience. Simply let us know when you’re ready to have your SMARTBOX containers collected and we’ll be there. Here are some tips on packing and moving.
  4. If you’re using our storage service, we’ll pick up your items and transport them to our secured, temperature-controlled SMARTBOX storage facility. For local or long-distance moves, we’ll pick up your items and transport them to your new location. 
  5. Relax and get settled in!

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The SMARTBOX solution applies to multiple tiers of policies and types of employees and is easy to build into your mobility programme for: 

  • Lump Sum employees
  • New hires, graduates and interns
  • Employees that prefer to pack themselves and want flexibility
  • Employees in a housing transition
  • Employees that have to split their moves
  • Executives that need to store their belongings while staging their homes