Employee Counselling Services

Employee Pre-Decision Counselling

Pre-decision counselling assistance helps to provide peace of mind to relocating employees by reviewing their financial situations with them and by providing a clear understanding of the benefits and assistance that will be available.  Equipped with these tools, they will be fully prepared to embark on their relocation. 


Assignment Management

SIRVA provides short-term and long-term assignment coordination for our clients via a variety of services. We customise these assignment programmes based on client requirements and specifications regarding duration and policy, but typical service components include:

  • Policy counselling
  • Area orientation / pre-decision tours
  • Home finding assistance (for renters or home buyers)
  • Assignment estimates
  • Temporary accommodation coordination
  • Spouse/partner assistance and/or family acclimation services
  • School search and/or formal education consultancy
  • Move management
  • Expense management and per diem disbursement
  • Settling-in support
  • Ongoing assignment support
  • Compensation Coordination

Repatriation Services

SIRVA plays a part in ensuring that repatriating employees continues to thrive when their assignments end — no matter where their next adventures may take them.

Following extended time abroad, re-acclimating to an employee’s origin location — or simply adjusting to the environment of a completely new assignment – requires special support and assistance. We offer a full portfolio of global services to help employees navigate these changes; beyond return shipments of household goods and visa management, we also include cultural training to avoid the impact of “reverse” culture shock. 

Finally, we streamline all documentation and processes required for return or reassignment to a single point of contact. With SIRVA working to keep employees happy from assignment to repatriation, our clients can be sure they are receiving the highest return on their relocation investment.


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