Intern Management Programme

Intern Management Programme

SIRVA can support intern programmes with varying levels of benefits and services for any size client. We work with each client to build the ideal programme for their intern needs. From managing rotational housing and developing self-serve systems to delivering one-on-one support to each intern, we define the distinct objectives of the programme, then develop the best processes and tools to manage it. SIRVA further supports these programmes by working with the client to develop payment advances or direct-bill arrangements if these are a part of the programme.

SIRVA offers a comprehensive programme that can eliminate many of the complications experienced when running a large-scale intern operation. In addition to providing a wide array of housing options, our team facilitates all the services your intern needs and provides ongoing-support reporting that lets you fully analyse cost details.

Programme Design

SIRVA can help design programmes from the ground up or modify existing programmes to better meet business and intern needs.

  • Domestic US programmes
  • Global intern programmes
  • Country or regionally-specific programmes

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Corporate Housing for Interns

Our Intern Management Programme provides a wide array of housing options to meet regionally-based, single-time and rotational needs. Our team facilitates all the paperwork and manages reservations, deposits and direct billing to eliminate credit cheques. We provide ongoing support to your interns and detailed reporting to our clients that let you fully analyse cost details and identify potential areas for improvement. Sirva can provide varying levels of support based on budget and desire for outsourcing. In many cases, Sirva can provide light counselling and process lump sum payments or reimbursements for the partial coverage of costs.

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