Supporting Your Employees with the Best Relocation Technology

Published: 12 October 2022
Sirva Communications

Today’s tech-savvy employees are looking for flexibility, user-friendly self-service technology, and the ability to control their own relocation journey. At the same time, they also want access to human support as needed. Effective relocation technology is not only intuitive and flexible for employees, but also helps HR managers avoid surprises and deliver a personalised experience for their key talent.

Let’s look at the elements you should be considering in relocation technology and why they are so important in enhancing your employees’ relocation experience.

Personalised Employee Experience

Relocating employees want an experience that is personalised and takes their unique needs into consideration. 

  • Personalised policy configuration, including any flexible options for employee choice, allows employees to have an experience that is customised and carries throughout their journey. 
  • Flexible relocation technology with guidance and support throughout, creates a world-class experience that reinforces your organisation supports employees throughout their relocation.
  • Streamlined, user-friendly technology delivers a connected experience to help transferees stay on track with next steps and tasks in one user-friendly dashboard.

Enhanced Views and Detail

Balancing high-tech with high-touch allows employees to control their journey with a dashboard of tips, tasks and timelines, along with notifications and alerts to make navigating the journey faster, easier, and more intuitive. Most importantly, if employees need assistance, they should have live access to a relocation consultant to provide support and guidance. 

  • Simple, intuitive expense report design with the ability to submit itemised expenses and upload receipts via the web or mobile app, safeguarding against errors and out-of-policy expense requests. 

  • Technology with a familiar interface empowers your employees to control their journey and mirrors the way they use technology in their day-to-day lives. 

  • Fast feedback loop allows your relocating employees to provide real-time feedback throughout their journey providing the ability for prompt course corrections and 24/7 assistance. 

Optimised Tools 

It is important to understand that there is a human with unique needs and challenges on the other side of every interaction and process. Look for relocation technology that is inclusive and incorporates optimised features to support your relocating employees, including accessibility, global support, flexibility and seamless connectivity with other providers.

Relocation technology that doesn’t incorporate inclusivity runs the risk of not appropriately supporting all your employees and fails to consider their unique needs. 

  • Inclusive platform design that accommodates accessibility needs including blindness, hearing impairment, hearing, motor/physical, epilepsy or neuro diversity. 
  • Global support including multiple languages, customer data tracked across all regions, and 24/7 support in any region. 
  • Flexible policy features that provide unique customisation where HR managers select core policy elements and employees select the flex policy elements, with the support of a relocation consultant to help direct the best selections for their needs. 
  • Guided tour and education for employees of what’s available in their relocation package. 


How Can the Right Relocation Technology Improve Your Employees’ Experience? 

Relocation opportunities are one way to attract and retain your key talent, and the right technology can provide a positive and consistent experience for your employees. Make sure that your employees are guided at every step in the relocation journey with the streamlined, personalised and user-friendly technology tools and support they need to succeed. 


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