Work From Anywhere: Global Mobility Issues and Possibilities

Published: 16 February 2024
Sirva Communications

The topic of remote work continues to be top of mind for many organisations. Post-pandemic, there has been an increase in companies offering, or being interested in offering, a ‘work from anywhere’ option for employees. On the one hand, there is a concern that organisations could potentially lose key talent to competitors offering this option. On the other hand, there are some important questions to consider. Is ‘work from anywhere’ truly possible in a practical sense? How do you manage this in an equitable way? How do you mitigate tax and compliance risks? How can you control administrative costs?

As part of an ongoing series of research initiatives, SIRVA BGRS co-sponsored a recent report in association with The RES Forum: Work From Anywhere: Practical Issues and Future Possibilities. The report explores a number of questions and concerns about remote work, including:

  • How do you manage company culture and employee experience in a remote-first world
  • What are the practical issues and future possibilities?
  • How do you balance the benefits versus the cost and administrative effort while remaining compliant?
  • How can you be prepared to compete for the world’s best talent?

The report also takes a closer look at the dimensions needed for successful international remote work and offers a readiness checklist that organisations can apply to their own goals and situations.

Five Dimensions for Successful International Remote Work

As organisations seek to balance the practical issues concerning remote work with future opportunities, the report highlights five dimensions that are fundamental for managing successful international remote work:

  • Communication
  • Digital Maturity
  • Digital Leadership Skills
  • Top Management Support
  • Employee Engagement

International Remote Work Readiness Checklist

Readiness for international remote work is not a one-size-fits-all undertaking. The RES Forum provides a remote work readiness checklist consisting of 15 questions related to the five core dimensions of international remote work that you can apply to your organisation.