SIRVA earns highest average score in relocation mortgage overall satisfaction from relocation managers in industry survey

Published: 07 June 2019
Results posted in the 17th Annual 2019 Annual Trippel Relocation Managers’ Survey 

CHICAGO, IL (7 June 2019) – SIRVA Worldwide Relocation and Moving, the leading global relocation and moving service provider, received the highest average score from relocation managers for its mortgage product (SIRVA Mortgage) amongst national competitors in the 17th Annual Relocation Managers Survey for 2019 by Trippel Survey & Research, LLC©.

SIRVA Mortgage is a national mortgage lender which provides the unique benefit of rate shopping for its consumers and specialises in offering transferees flexibility and guidance throughout their relocation home buying experience. In “overall satisfaction” SIRVA Mortgage earned Trippel Survey scores from its clients that were well above the average of all competitors in the relocation mortgage category. Further, amongst the nine competitors with large sample sizes, SIRVA Mortgage’s average score was the largest ‒ surpassed by no competitor in the survey. 

This survey obtained evaluations from corporate relocation managers regarding their level of satisfaction with various service suppliers in four relocation-related industries: mortgage providers, spouse-partner-family service providers, corporate temporary housing service providers and rental-destination assistance suppliers. Overall, 233 surveys were recorded, with the number of participating managers and participation rate higher than last year.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SIRVA Inc. Tom Oberdorf referenced the company’s commitment to customer service and the dedication of its employees as key factors in achieving this honour. “These superb results can be attributed to our dedicated team members who care deeply about providing the right solutions and the best experiences for our clients and their relocating employees,” said Oberdorf. “Our SIRVA Mortgage team along with all our employees around the globe take pride in execution, believe in always taking a customer first-approach, and continually strive to build on the technology, processes and services that will help exceed our clients’ expectations.” 

About Trippel Survey and Research, LLC
Alan Trippel entered the relocation industry in 1976 when he joined the country’s largest relocation service company, Homequity/Homerica (now Cartus). His 16-year tenure with this company included line and staff management positions in human resources, client relations, customer services, property services, marketing, strategic planning and new product development. While at Homequity, Alan developed two industry firsts: A Premarketing Programme and a Spouse Assistance Programme. His customer service representative teams consistently received high quality service evaluations from transferring employees serving the needs of IBM and General Electric. In the early 1990’s Alan was general manager for Western Relocation, a small relocation service company, leading his team of relocation professionals in the eastern region facility. Alan started Trippel Survey & Research, LLC in 1994 providing independent, unbiased survey, research and consulting services to relocation professionals.