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  • • Any passenger found to be symptomatic and/or positive for COVID-19 upon arrival will be isolated and transferred to a medical facility as per the state’s health protocol.

    • Each receiving Indian state has autonomy to implement its own protocol with regards to quarantine, health and entry requirements.

    • Passengers arriving from United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Bangladesh, Botswana, China, Mauritius, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe must undergo self-paid molecular tests at the port of arrival.

    • Pre-arrival RT-PCR COVID-19 testing for all arrivals. The test must be conducted within 72 hours prior to scheduled departure and a negative report/certificate must be uploaded on the Air Suvidha portal.

    • 14-day institutional/home quarantine/self-monitoring of health based on state of arrival. Please reach out your Fragomen consultant for further information.

    • 10-day home quarantine and a self-paid COVID-19 RT-PCR test on the 8th day after arrival into India for travelers arriving from the United Kingdom.

  • • Visa services have resumed across most consular jurisdictions. The online application portal is open to complete online forms required for visa applications under permitted categories.

    • Foreign nationals from eligible countries may apply for all categories of Electronic Visas (except etourist visa) to enter India.

    • Existing visas that were previously suspended are now active (except tourist visas). For expired visas under eligible categories, new applications can be submitted at the jurisdictional Indian Missions. Each Indian mission may take its own approach toward approval of new visas. Please reach out to your Fragomen consultant for more information.

    • Please contact your Fragomen consultant to understand the operational status of specific Indian missions.

    • The Ministry of Home Affairs will begin granting Tourist Visas to foreign nationals coming to India via chartered flights effective October 15. Foreign tourists travelling to India by flights other than charters will be able to do so from November 15.

    • TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS: Suspension of scheduled incoming and outgoing international flights until October 31, 2021.

    • Travel to and from India is being facilitated via non-scheduled flights under the Vande Bharat Mission, air transport bubble arrangements or other chartered flights as allowed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

    • Several countries have imposed a ban or published travel advisories in relation to outbound travel from India. Please reach out to your relevant Fragomen consultants for further information.

    • India has signed bilateral air travel agreements with Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Canada, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Iraq, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, the Maldives, Nepal, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Uzbekistan to allow limited international flights under air transport bubbles. Similar arrangements are expected to be made with other countries.

    • Nationals of Nepal and Bhutan are permitted to enter India from any country.

    • Visa and travel restrictions have been relaxed to allow more categories of foreign nationals and Indian nationals who wish to travel to and from India. Under the relaxed policies, all OCI, PIO card holders and foreign nationals intending to travel to India for any purpose (except tourism) are permitted.

    • Inbound and outbound travel remains conditional per the eligibility criteria defined by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Detailed guidelines from the Ministry of Home Affairs will be published accordingly.

  • • IKAN teams are able to provide face-to-face services in most cities across India, except in Mumbai and Pune; will need to follow restrictions regarding no more than 2-3 passengers in a car. In cases in which family sizes exceed this number, a second car will need to be arranged, based on prior approval of the client.

    • Social physical distancing norms need to be followed.

    • Wearing masks is mandatory.

  • • Some temporary accommodations (hotels/ serviced apartments) options are open for bookings for transit guests.

    • Starting June 8, further facilities of hotels/ serviced apartments will be functional as per approvals from the Government of India.

  • • Schools are closed and only remote coordination support is feasible.

    • School visits are conducted virtually.

  • • Schools ended June 30, 2021. Students remain on summer break.

  • • Metro Rail & Suburban rail service currently not open.

    • Taxi, cab, rickshaw, private 4 -wheeler service is allowed with one passenger only.

    • Domestic Flights are operational.

    • International Flights for outbound evacuation only.
  • Household Goods

    Survey (Video/In-person)
    • Video

    Packing/Delivery Services (After Customs Clearance) Available?
    • Current airport shutdown, do expect delays in clearance and additional charges incurred. Kindly inform your client or agents accordingly.

    Freight Availability/Cost
    • Air: Reduced Services. Averaging 15 % increase in freight rates as a consequence of reduced carriers.
    • Sea: Reduced services. Causing shortage of equipment and scheduling issues and cargo deemed non - essential. Average costs increased 30%. Affected areas of Destination include AU, USA, CA, and UK.

    Road Availability
    • Normal service except in containment zones.

    Can packing/delivery take place without customer, or nominated representative?
    • No

Entry Restrictions

Partially Restricted

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