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Settling in Services

A local neighbourhood orientation to help adjust to the new location

After a new home has been secured, the assignee and family will want to familiarise themselves in detail with the specific local area and amenities. This half-day program is designed to give a ‘micro-level’ orientation to the local neighbourhood, on topics such as:

  • Banking – local facilities.
  • Medical, Dental & Hospital facilities – details provided for local facilities and services.
  • Health & Fitness – information provided for local health & fitness centres, along with sporting clubs, swimming centres etc.
  • Shopping – local shops/supermarkets/markets shown to assignee together with written addresses.
  • Transport, Cars, Getting Around – local transport services/locations identified and discussed.
  • Religious Worship – local religious centres.

Recreation and Leisure – information provided or sourced regarding arts and local theatres, childcare, children’s activities, tourist spots, introduction to newcomers groups, etc. and provision of any further local information as required by the assignee.

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