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Relocation Coordination

Seamless Coordination Process

SIRVA provides you and your relocating population with a single point of contact that coordinates all the elements of your particular assignment management needs.

SIRVA’s assignment coordinators are experienced and focused on:

  • Isolating the requirements of each individual relocating to ensure their specific needs are met and they experience a successful relocation
  • Managing the expectations of all parties from the outset and guiding those relocating through the process from start to finish
  • Being available to you and your employees and proactively communicating

Enhanced capabilities

SIRVA owns its assets and technology, and directly delivers relocation consulting services through its own resources and quality preferred suppliers. From this foundation, we have greater control over the service provided and:

  • Our services can be flexed to accommodate your organisation’s specific culture (in-house vs outsourced)
  • Communication is improved and you have full transparency of relocation costs
  • Third party involvement is reduced
  • Accountability is increased and risk exposure reduced
  • Your administrative workload is streamlined and reduced
  • The level of engagement required by HR to support the migrating population is reduced

Your assignment management scope may include one or a combination of: pre departure, arrival, on assignment, repatriation, vendor management, logistical and ongoing expat services, VIP packages, or consist of the full range of mobility services.


As SIRVA’s systems are proprietary managed without third party involvement, customising reports to your requirements is simple and quick. Our mobility coordinator updates SIRVA’s integrated systems and technology in real time. Through secure, graded 24/7 access to systems via browsers, tablets and modern smart phones, your organisation has a self service environment to draw down reports, key analytics and metrics on demand. Your organisation obtains a complete picture of the costs that directly and indirectly impact your mobility budget and can perform trend analysis and track the progress of your VIP moves.

SIRVA’s technology is a tool to enhance the user experience and provides:

  • A personal up to date itinerary and move progress tracker, with live updates on key milestones
  • Host destination research tool
  • ‘One-click’ Mobility Coordinator access, customs information, and any company specific documents your organisation wishes to make available to its employees throughout the relocation process.
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