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Panel Management Moving Services

Professional and Independent Management of Providers

SIRVA offers a panel management model for organisations wanting to:

  • Offer a choice of removalist to their employees
  • Create competitive tension and leverage buying power on a move by move basis
  • Maintain a simple single vendor relationship
  • Have complete cost capture across vendors

SIRVA’s business structure allows us to independently manage a panel of removalists from an informed and experienced position. We understand the pitfalls within the industry and have the resident experience to manage all transportation and service providers, policy approvals, timetables and more—providing peace of mind along with full cost predictability.

Our panel management model is flexible and easily adapted to align with the cultural or behavioural preferences of your business, and is designed to support your cost control initiatives. The process of moving your employees is simplified, and the time and effort required from your business is reduced. Regardless of which company is moving your employees, they will have a single point of contact, providing them with consistent information.


SIRVA is FSRA certified and can insure across all removalists on the panel. Regardless of which removal company is successful, your relocating population has the same terms and conditions and is insured to the same level, creating equality among employees.

SIRVA is able to settle claims promptly and report on the number of claim items and cause codes for all carriers. This provides your organisation with more transparent removal information, reducing risk of damage and maintaining service quality.

Ensuring bid integrity

SIRVA’s quote management technology was designed originally for Government clients, with the purpose of being completely auditable and transparent. It is vendor populated and provides a like for like comparison that can accommodate your decision criteria, isolate any particular variables that may otherwise be missed, and reduce risk of having to pay additional charges due to inconsistent quote inclusions.

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