Take Your Relocation Programme to the Next Level with Advanced Reporting

Published: 14 September 2022
SIRVA Communications

 It is said that knowledge is power, but how do you access and harness your data to maximise its use for your relocation programme? You need reporting that provides the utmost control, visibility and flexibility for your programme which can, in turn, help you more easily manage your mobility costs. 

Perhaps most importantly, you never want to be caught off guard about any aspect of your programme. Being able to extract real-time information about your programme quickly and easily to make informed business decisions and share with leadership is vital. Following are some key features you want to look for in an advanced relocation reporting solution. 

Access to Real-Time Data & Reporting 

Proactive insights and immediate access to data points on moments that matter in an employee’s relocation journey is important to HR managers. You need relocation reporting that provides both a dashboard view and the ability to take a deeper dive to uncover insights and share information within your organisation at a moment’s notice. Several key areas to look for include: 

  • Real-time insights, data and information that allow effective communication of your programme details at any level, any time. 
  • Robust, flexible reporting with the ability to drill-down on programme details and a wide range of data points. 
  • Ability to include data in your RMC’s data warehouse tying together historical data with new data so that everything is in one environment. 
  • Fast feedback loop that employs active listening, allowing access to real-time satisfaction for transferees and the ability for prompt course corrections.

Macro-Level and Individual Views 

Advanced reporting can help proactively manage your mobility programme with a dashboard that provides a snapshot of relocation costs and employee-level details. Look for reporting that does both. 

  • Customisable macro-level dashboard that gives an at-a-glance view of the entire mobility programme and actionable tasks that keep you in control. 
  • Employee-level snapshot dashboard to help you stay updated at every step in an individual employee’s relocation and receive alerts identifying actions that need to be completed next. 

How Does Advanced Reporting Help You Control Your Programme? 

Whatever the size of your relocation programme, you need the best relocation reporting solution for flexibility, robustness, and scope of data points to provide next-level control and visibility of your entire programme. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for relocating your key talent, and it won’t work for your unique reporting needs either. You need advanced technology that can give you the confidence to always know the status of your overall programme and key talent, so you never get caught by surprise. 

An effective relocation reporting solution should provide you with the real-time insights your organisation needs to be successful, including: 

  • Curated view of your entire programme at your fingertips with a configurable dashboard for at-a-glance views on the program and the ability to drill deeper into details, including customisable analytics, cost monitoring and planning. 
  • Customised reporting to measure and view what is important to your organisation with the flexibility to change as your business and the needs of your employees evolves. 
  • Role-based security that helps protect the data and allows only the people that need to see the data to view it. 
  • Securely and seamlessly connecting your RMC, tax and visa/immigration providers using APIs to tie all information together in one place, enhancing data quality and security. 


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