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Expense Administration

Simplicity & Transparency

SIRVA uses proprietary systems to provide transparent management information in real time. Our expense management technology optimises the process of receiving, managing, monitoring and routing invoices and related documentation. It is purpose built for the mobility arena to deliver three elements of expense management:

  1. Out of pocket expense management
  2. Third party expenses in SIRVA custody (e.g. car hire, flight costs, and pet transportation)
  3. Third party expenses that may currently sit under the direct custody of your organisation

Automation & reconciliation

The automation and reconciliation capabilities of SIRVA’s expense management systems and processes allow:

  • Multi-currency invoicing options to address any tax and currency implications (vendors can raise invoices in local currencies)
  • Assignee out of pocket expenses to be lodged online through SIRVA’s Client Connection portal
  • Simplified invoice and payment processing for both you and your vendors
  • Increased accuracy due to minimal requirement for manual processing and intervention
  • Improved internal productivity and complete cost capture

Consolidated invoices

SIRVA has the capability to consolidate vendor invoices into a single invoice by employee, purchase order, or business unit/division; while maintaining the detail to an individual invoice level.

Invoicing data can be reported in real time or at an agreed frequency, and according to the level of granularity required by your business. This optimises and simplifies the process of receiving, managing, monitoring, and routing invoice and related documentation, and it streamlines approvals and payments.

Information management

SIRVA’s expense management technology provides access to real time information online, including:

  • Activity reports
  • Invoicing reports
  • Tracking and exceptions

This provides a complete cost capture of the relocation spend allowing your business to better understand its activity and cost behaviour. It further empowers planning, budgetary, cost control and exception management initiatives.

Consolidated Fringe Benefits Tax reporting is also available, and is developed in conjunction with your business and tax provider to ensure compliance.

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