Client Technology

Client Technology

SIRVA has developed a suite of digital tools, specifically designed for mobility teams to estimate, initiate, manage and report on every aspect of your program. SIRVA Connect is that suite, representing a graphic interface that is layered on top of your actual operating data. The information accessed through SIRVA Connect is the same real-time data by which SIRVA manages your relocation program. As such, SIRVA Connect delivers full transparency and mobility management with “no surprises.”




SIRVA Connect HR/Mobility powers all phases of your mobility program, from identification & cost estimation at the employee level to management/administration at the policy level.

Through, SIRVA Connect HR/Mobility, manage:

  • Pre-Authorization – Candidate identification, cost estimation & data-gathering
  • Initiation – Authorize employees for relocation, with proper approval routing & notification
  • Pre-Departure – Authorize, monitor & track relevant services
  • On Assignment – Approve exceptions, alerts & notifications pertaining to escalations
  • Repatriation – Needs assessment, re-integration, tax filings and file closure



The SIRVA Connect Reporting Tool allows our clients to easily develop ad hoc and customized reports, pulling directly from SIRVA’s data warehouse. Mobility teams can create reports, graphs, and dynamic dashboards using real-time program information.

  • During implementation, SIRVA will create any customized reports for clients to use on a regular basis. These are typically stored in the system for direct access or can be scheduled to be delivered via email.
  • Each client is assigned a business analyst as a part of their service delivery team, who will be tasked with creating new reports, updating existing reports and helping run “ad hoc” analyses.




Clients can access SIRVA’s proprietary domestic and global cost estimating tools to complete immediate projections in a self-serve environment. We offer two versions of online tools, providing mobility teams with the ability to select the right level of decision support detail to suit their needs.

  • Basic: Clients can attain immediate, high level, domestic and international cost projections with our standard online tool. With the basic cost calculator, SIRVA pre-populates and creates a standard format, traffic lanes and cost elements of a cost projection.

  • Deluxe: Clients can also access the most accurate online estimate available, based on data tables that are aligned with each client’s policies. We apply cost elements for each entitlement such as airfare, shipping costs and temporary accommodation at typical levels based on SIRVA’s global database. Additionally, estimated tax costs* can also be added to the “Deluxe” cost projection.

*SIRVA provides information and guidance based upon its industry experience.  However, SIRVA does not provide tax or legal advice or provide tax or legal opinions on which you can rely.  You must contact your own counsel or tax advisor for tax or legal advice and opinions for your particular circumstance.

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