Give your lump sum transferees the most powerful and flexible lump sum self-service relocation and moving technology available in the market today.



With iMOVE as their digital companion, your relocating employees not only can quickly and easily claim their lump sum payment, but it also provides them with the tools to plan their move, explore their new destination, and purchase services from a trusted list of suppliers. And if they need any assistance or have a question about their relocation, they can chat with one of our iMOVE concierges right from the app.

iMOVE includes:

  • Helpful resources for employees to plan their move.
  • Exclusive discounts to help them stretch their budget.
  • Tools to help learn more about their new destination.
  • Different options to help your employees find a place to live
  • Full-service movers and do-it-yourself moving services to help them move
  • Live human support via phone, email and chat


Transferee Using SIRVA iMOVE

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