Commercial Moving

SIRVA is the only company that offers single-source, managed, end-to-end service—including storage solutions—to satisfy workplace mobility needs. This means our clients get outstanding quality control, first-rate security and unmatched savings.

Commercial Moving Services

SIRVA Commercial offers services in workplace, office and facility moving, retail refurbishing, and a number of miscellaneous services.

In addition to 2,600 skilled employees and 30,000 experienced commercial movers worldwide, SIRVA Commercial has access to over 1,000 owned, franchised and agent locations worldwide. What does this mean for our clients? To begin, it means they’re guaranteed standardized service, everywhere in the world. Additionally, because all aspects of all moves are handled “in house,” we also offer first-rate quality control and security, unmatched savings, and a seamless experience from planning to implementation.

Global Reach

As a leader in global commercial services, SIRVA Commercial offers our clients more on-the-ground resources and office locations than any other provider. Because our goal is to deliver local service on a global scale, we continue to open new locations wherever our clients want us to be.

Move Management

As the industry’s only globally integrated relocation provider and owner of premier van lines (Allied, northAmerican, and Global Van Lines), SIRVA helps you control costs while ensuring your employees experience a quality move. We guide employees and their families from start to finish and manage all partners in the process.

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Leading Edge Technology

Technology has become crucial to staying one step ahead during any commercial move and provides unparalleled support to both our clients and account managers. Our proprietary software is a consolidated virtual warehouse, providing a single portal for managing all locations and assets and demonstrating our global asset management expertise.

SIRVA’s Commercial moving technology:

  • Offers real-time visibility of crew locations
  • Is customizable to client needs
  • Works across all types of devices in multiple languages

We Are Your Best Option

Because we own 100% of our brand network, we’re also 100% prepared to guarantee customized service that’s held to our same high standards, everywhere in the world. Other client benefits include:

  • Over 100 years of moving experience
  • Expertise in every industry, i.e. financial, technology, blockchain, healthcare, hospitality, retail, government, and education
  • Greater legal control and market-direct pricing
  • Up to 20% lower program management costs
  • 100% in-house handling of international forwarding
  • Proven, exceptional client satisfaction scores: 4.91 out of 5 points
  • Effective communication and strategic planning that minimizes business

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Commercial Moving Services

We offer a variety of services, in which the entire supply chain is managed – in house – from start to finish. These services include:

  • Project management and process oversight
  • Design and planning
  • Furniture installation and reconfiguration
  • Transportation services
  • Commercial moving
    • Daily MAC work
    • Interstate
    • Intrastate
    • International
    • Airfreight
  • Furniture receiving
  • Warehouse and asset management
  • Drafting and document services
  • Inventory management (on-site)
  • Furniture planning
  • Design review and consultation
  • Database management
  • Customized data integration and reporting
  • Packing and custom crating
  • Lab area set-ups/cleanroom moves
  • Furniture repairs
  • OSHA compliance inspections
  • Voice/data connectivity
  • Supply chain management
  • Large equipment moving/rigging
  • High-value shipping
  • Spare parts inventories
  • New/used furniture purchase
  • Furniture disposition
  • Refurbishing
  • Emergency response teams
  • Datacenter deployment
  • Shredding
  • IT Destruction

Retail Refurbishment

A full range of office interior services, including installation, reconfiguration, disposition, donation, disposal, and recycling. With this service, your entire retail store can be refurbished within 24 hours including final-mile delivery with white-glove service, as well as IT setup and support.

  • Global project management and process oversight
  • Global coordination of in-store refurbishing within a 24-hour service window
  • Furniture installation or reconfiguration
  • Furniture disposal, donation or recycling
  • Final mile delivery with white-glove service
  • IT setup and support
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