Group Move Management

Carry out large employee and company moves with start-to-finish expertise from SIRVA. Whatever the volume or complexity of the move management process, our strategic approach and attentive execution ensure peace of mind and positive outcomes.

What Is Move Management?

Our Group Move Assistance Program is a customizable program tailored to meet the distinct needs of your transferring population. Sirva's unique corporate structure provides our clients with the advantages of single-source service and internal expertise, both of which help in assessing, planning, and managing moves. This move management process provides tighter integration, more control, and reduced costs during execution.

What Does the Move Management Process Look Like?

Sirva can help you through every stage of move management. Group Move Assistance Programs provide our clients with the resources, experience, and tools for long-term relocation success and satisfaction.

Assessment and Planning

  • Identify the specific risks to your company and staff
  • Create a group move policy (or policies) that considers unique tax and resource factors to help you achieve your target acceptance rates and budget goals
  • Develop a communications plan that minimizes the anxiety, fear, and gossip that are inherent parts of announcing a group move
  • Effectively assess individual candidate risks and potential cost concerns before they impact your budget

Relocation Logistics and Support

  • Ramp up your group move management operation quickly
  • Provide knowledgeable, on-site resources to assist your employees through every step of the move management process
  • Foster strong acceptance rates by providing comprehensive, individualized information regarding new locations, communities, and location benefits
  • Give your group move employees peace of mind by ensuring the best possible home sale results

Post-Move Satisfaction and Continued Support

  • Get your entire group move population settled into the new location on time and within budget
  • Stringently monitor all program costs to provide comprehensive reporting and assessment while ensuring accurate tax application for your transferring employees


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Planning a Group Move?

Sirva’s consulting team brings extensive experience in the planning and execution of relocation activities related to group moves, mergers, and acquisitions. From site evaluation and cost analyses to policy design and development, our consultants assist you through all phases of move management planning and execution. Services can include:
  • Cost control benefits and analyses
  • Site comparison and analyses
  • Cost of living analyses
  • Employee and manager communication strategies
  • Group move program development
  • Global workforce development and training
  • Private surveys
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