Home Relocation Buying and Selling

Our real estate relocation services find buyers for your relocating employees’ homes in the fastest possible time, for the best possible price.

Help Relocating Employees Find Their Next House

Our experts connect assignees to vetted real estate experts who can help them find a relocation house that feels like home at the right place and price. The Sirva Preferred Broker Network (PBN) is everywhere your employees need them to be, making their lives easier while helping you minimize potential housing-related exceptions.

Sirva PBN agents know the in-demand neighborhoods, current market pricing, real estate contract details, and local customs and laws. Your employees enjoy a simple, affordable, effective experience when finding a home.

Minimize Relocation Home Sale Expenses and Risks

Sirva offers employees relocation home sale benefits to improve their experience without taking on the cost or risks typically associated with selling homes. We can help you choose the appropriate program to accelerate the relocation home sale process and reduce employee stress, while minimizing your company’s tax liability, financial responsibility, and administrative burden

Exclusive Access to Sirva RiskGuard® Solutions

When an employee sells his or her home, there is always a chance that the sale can fall through—even when the relocation must still proceed. In this instance, who will assume that risk? 

In a traditional Buyer Value Option (BVO) program, the owner of that home assumes all responsibility for any losses associated with that home if a home fails to close the client. These costs can include mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and more. 

Through our innovative Sirva RiskGuard® Solutions—not available through any other provider—we assume ownership of an employee’s home so the company doesn’t have to. In addition to assuming all risks associated with an employee’s home, these programs provide companies with predictable real estate costs that are easier to budget. Plus, you gain freedom from the managerial burden associated with derailed employee relocation home sales. 



Additional Real Estate Relocation Services

Traditional Home Sales Assistance

We can integrate our traditional home sale programs into your existing relocation program to meet the needs of your company and relocating employees. Sirva real estate relocation services include a flexible range of options, whether the home's value is established by a buyer's offer or through a guaranteed offer. Plus, cost-plus home sale program provides eliminates the need for tax gross-ups

Home Marketing Assistance

Sirva uses The Worldwide ERC® Broker’s Market Analysis and Strategy Report (BMA) for all U.S. market analyses. Our team provides a predictive assessment of every relocation home sale opportunity, including analysis of key market drivers such as:

  • Local market activity
  • Average home value
  • Comparable listings
  • Foreclosure activity
  • Economic conditions
  • Tax changes
  • Employment conditions and potential changes

Closing Services

Sirva manages closings through Sirva Settlement, Inc., which manages and consolidates closing procedures at a more competitive cost than outside options. Sirva Settlement’s closing operations control your company's costs, provide enhanced compliance with your company policy and minimize excessive or unnecessary fees.

Sirva Mortgage

In the U.S., Sirva Mortgage, Inc. is the smart, convenient choice for financing the purchase of your employees’ new homes. As a mortgage banker, Sirva Mortgage not only does the rate shopping for them, it also controls the whole process from start to finish. This allows for a seamless and efficient experience for your employees.

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Wise Buy Home Purchase Analysis

Wise Buy home purchase analysis delivers a complete pre-purchase report, with an expanded level of history and information on the potential new home that may affect the actual value of the property.  It also provides counseling to help families make the best buying decisions.

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Rental Assistance

Rental assistance is not an ancillary business for us, it’s a core operation supported with extensive resources. We know that this population deserves the same support and service as our home-owning customers.

Full-service rental assistance includes:

  • Needs intake analysis
  • Agent selection and management
  • Destination orientation
  • Community searches
  • Web previews
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Lease negotiations and cancellations

We also provide property tours and area orientation services in half- and full-day increments.

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Real Estate Brokers

Sirva qualified agents ensure quality and experience to you and your employees for their real estate needs. Sirva selects our Preferred Brokers through a rigorous evaluation process, requiring every Sirva-qualified agent meets the following criteria:

  • Three years of experience successfully selling real estate full-time
  • Two years of experience handling corporate relocations
  • A minimum of 20 closed real estate transactions, six of which were corporate referrals, within the last twelve months
  • Completion of specific brokerage-sponsored relocation training