Talent Development & Intercultural

Employees’ global competencies are critical in executing a successful global business strategy.  


Since 1963, Sirva’s Intercultural Group has been providing premier talent development solutions to organizations seeking to increase global competence and enhance global performance across their workforce.


Built on research-based training methodology and foundational cultural content, our tailored solutions help your employees and their families develop the competencies required to be effective and thrive in diverse, multi-cultural settings. 


We work collaboratively to identify your specific talent development goals, create tailored programs, and incorporate them into your existing policies.  


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Intercultural and Talent Development Client

Our solutions are focused on supporting all employee and family types: 

  • Long- and short-term assignees, rotational assignment and permanent transfer support
  • Virtual assignment support 
  • Dependent program support for partners, teens, and children 
  • Global competency skills development for multicultural teams and employees working across cultures  
  • Leadership development  
  • DEI initiatives 


Every training program builds the necessary awareness, knowledge, and skills your employees need to be effective in a global environment.  

Candidate Assessment


  • Select, prepare, and develop candidates for an international assignment utilizing our proprietary web-based tools  
  • Identify high potential employees and develop key talent to broaden candidate pools within your organization 

Career Transition Planning


  • Retain and leverage the skills of your returning employees via our comprehensive repatriation training  
  • Provide developmental options tied to career planning and support for high-performing repatriating employees 

Building Global Competencies


  • Lend support for leadership development, DEI initiatives, and global and virtual teams 
  • Provide intercultural training and coaching focused on global awareness, working across cultures, country-specific and multicultural team-building  

Developing globally mobile talent


  • Offer holistic support for employees and families while on assignment 
  • Provide intercultural training programs and cultural coaching packages
Sirva Intercultural consultant

Designed for Flexibility 

Our in-house Sirva Intercultural Group delivers solutions through our managed worldwide network consisting of 480 intercultural trainers and coaches throughout 90 countries.  With the understanding that everyone learns differently, we offer a consultative and highly flexible approach to training that consists of:

Programs available in a variety of formats to accommodate you and your employees: 

  • Individual and group training 
  • In-person and virtual delivery  

Learning Space, our e-learning platform, incorporates multiple resources, including: 

  • CultureWizardTM, consisting of culture-specific learning modules, information, and tools for 160 countries
  • Overseas Assignment Inventory and Global Assessment Inventory, Sirva’s proprietary assessment tools  

The ability to operate successfully across international markets is an essential part of today’s business strategy. Sirva Intercultural Group’s team of professionals is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions and comprehensive programs to help your employees perform effectively anywhere in the world.