Recent Report Names Singapore Best Country for Expats

Published: Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Asia dominates results, securing 10 out of 31 rankings

A recent HSBC global survey identified Singapore as the number one country for expats, followed by New Zealand and Germany in positions two and three. The survey, which calculated the responses of over 22,000 expats around the globe, examined significant factors ranging from economy and earning power to lifestyle and educational opportunities. While Middle Eastern, North American and European countries all received places of note on the list, Asia prevailed as a leading region, securing ten of the 31 countries listed.

Singapore is a small country compared to most. In fact, it’s smaller than many major global cities. Yet it’s secured its place in the world as a leading business hub and desirable place to live. Known as the Lion City, Singapore boasts well-manicured public spaces, numerous public parks and greenery-lined bridges and public structures. The country is well known for its well-connected networks and the famous Changi Airport has been voted “The Worlds Best Airport” for six consecutive years by Skytrax, a customer service reviewer that has been ranking airports since 1999. Boasting a summer-like climate all year long, residents and visitors alike find the City-State ideal for strolling to local restaurants, entertainment and its many attractions year-round. Almost half of the survey’s respondents (45%) indicated that they chose to move to Singapore to improve their careers, while 38% said it was an opportunity to improve their earnings. An improvement to their quality of life was listed as the third reason, noted by 36% of respondents. Expats living in Singapore ranked the country high on childcare and school quality, safety, healthcare, disposable income, economic confidence and career progression.        

New Zealand
New Zealand is well known for the Maori, its indigenous people who are the descendants of Polynesian explorers who settled there more than a thousand years ago. Its breathtaking landscapes have been the backdrops for such films as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong. There is something for everyone, from its world-famous rugby team which performs a traditional warrior dance, the haka, before every match to its outstanding wineries that export all over the world. With a population of about 4.7 million, the land “of the long white cloud” ranked second on the list, with expats rating the country high for economic confidence, politics and work/life balance, but also for quality of life, healthcare, and tolerance.

Germany is known for its annual Oktoberfest, but the country has much more to offer than bratwurst and doppelbocks. With beautiful landscapes dotted by mountains, scenic lakes, castles, and colorful architecture, Germany offers generous social security and employee benefits; a highly successful manufacturing sector; and efficient, high-speed ICE trains that get passengers from one major city to another at 300 miles per hour.  Expats living in Germany rated the country high for economic confidence, job security, disposable income and work/life balance.  Entrepreneurship also made the list, along with wage growth.

To view the complete ranking of all 31 countries visit HSBC’s interactive report.  While the list was created based on calculations that included all of HSBC’s metrics and survey questions, readers will be pleased to find that an interactive menu of choices will also allow them to generate their own lists. By utilizing the filters provided, users can narrow down criteria under three topics – economics, experience and family – and determine personal rankings of countries based on factors that matter most to them.

As Vice President of Sales & Marketing Asia and the Middle East, Amanda Jones is responsible for engaging and providing solutions to new clients at SIRVA. She was born in Staffordshire in the United Kingdom, spent 18 years as an expat in the United Emirates and currently resides in Singapore.