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Mobility Service Delivery Model

Best practice in mobility does not exist – best fit solution is the target

As the market pursues improvements and efficiencies, establishment of the right service delivery model has consistently been one of the very first points of consideration and review. Broader business objectives are reviewed with the context to ensure the service delivery model positions mobility to support the attainment of those broader business objectives. 

The “right” mobility program varies from organisation to organisation. Variations in volume, risk profile and service scope have a bearing on achieving the right result. In addition, consideration should also be given to the organisational culture, business requirements, tools at HR’s disposal and skill sets of the mobility team.

Key organisational stakeholders are often consulted and or engaged from across the business to ensure objectives are aligned and initiatives are agreed to. We are seeing an increased level of engagement from broader stakeholders and this is increasingly important, as a lack of engagement seems to generate delay and sometimes even a complete stop. Once there is clear definition on what the key objectives are, the deliverables to employees, the desired employee experience and consensus from stakeholders on what tasks are to be outsourced, organisations can form a clear definition of the model that is best suited.

There are a range of alternatives in this space and consulting with industry specialists to get some level of insight around the approach of similar sized organisations often reduces risk in terms of sharing tested and proven approaches. In addition this may also surface some additional considerations and or opportunities that may have not been initially considered.

SIRVA regularly facilitate sessions with a broad range of organisations across various market sectors, large and small. Please contract SIRVA if you have some interest in how this might work for you.

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