VIP Relocation Services

When moving top-tier staff, employees may have high expectations regarding their executive moving services—and the stakes can be even higher for their employers. When talent mobility requires concierge relocation services, SIRVA provides enhanced assistance via our VIP and Elite VIP (EVIP) programs. 

Recommended for Senior Executives and CEO-level moves, our highly specialized team of Senior Consultants and Executive Relocation Specialists supports your critical talent in every aspect of their relocation. After assessing your executives’ preferences, our VIP team provides personalized attention and proactive support that allows your employees to focus on their families and new roles, reducing their stress and facilitating the smoothest move possible.

Elite VIP & VIP Support: What's the Difference?

Who Manages the Executive Moving Services?

Under the VIP relocation program, a senior consultant coordinates all services on the employee's behalf, freeing the executive to focus on other priorities. 

Under the EVIP program, executive mobility specialists manage the entire move. These specialists are required to have a minimum of ten years of experience, making them uniquely suited to provide executive care. 

What Kind of Support Does my VIP Relocation Contact Provide? 

In the VIP relocation program, the consultant follows a customizable protocol with hands-on service experience. All communications with suppliers are funneled through the consultant, who only contacts the employee when his or her input is necessary. 

Specialists in the EVIP program calculate relocation costs, schedule all appointments, handle all supplier communications, and work consultatively with accompanying family to complete every task—right down to assisting with filing expense reports. Often traveling to the executive’s home to assist with key tasks, the specialist is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the employee and family through a direct mobile phone line.

What Do Both VIP Relocation Programs Offer?

Although the EVIP program offers several additional perks, both VIP programs provide top-tier executive moving services. With both VIP relocation programs, your will receive:
  • Pre-Contact Consultation: An assigned senior consultant or executive relocation specialist establishes contact with your employee to build a rapport and reassure the executive that every detail of his or her relocation will be handled with personalized attention.
  • Personalized Needs Assessment: The consultant or specialist conducts an interview with the executive to determine all needs that will be addressed during the move.
  • Single Point of Accountability: Executive employees are served by a dedicated, single point of contact that will be available to the employee and family through each stage of the move.
  • Enhanced Destination Support: Customized destination support provides a variety of enhanced services to meet the highest standards and personalize the relocation experience. 

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Additional Executive Moving Services

In addition to the services mentioned above, we also offer the following enhanced services for VIP relocation:

  • Area orientation options such as car and driver services and bookings at luxury-level hotels.
  • Home search support like meet-and-greet activities with local expats.
  • Temporary accommodations including stocking of pantry, refrigerator and/or bar prior to assignee’s arrival.
  • Settling-in services such as maid service or services for unpacking and home setup.
  • Household goods options like trash removal and donations with support from an on-site home coordinator for “Clean & Place” put away service.
  • Coordination and management of unique home selling support services through our Preferred Global Network