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  • • 14-day quarantine at a government designated facility (typically a hotel) for all travelers
    - There are very limited exemptions to the quarantine requirement; see the Australian Department of Health website for more information

    • Quarantine-exempt flights from New Zealand (for passengers who have been in NZ for 14 days or more and have not been in a designated COVID-19 outbreak location) have resumed with the following additional requirements:
    - Any traveler from New Zealand who has been in Auckland (except for transit through the airport from a connecting flight) for any period over the previous 14 days cannot travel on a quarantine-free (green zone) flight; routine pre-departure and on arrival screening will continue
    - Any passenger that is considered to be a close contact of any recently confirmed COVID-19 cases identified in the community in New Zealand must present evidence of two negative COVID-19 tests
    - Any passenger that has been in a contact tracing location of interest at a time specified on the NZ Ministry of Health website musty have evidence of one negative COVID-19 test
    - Any passenger who has been in a managed isolation facility in New Zealand must have been in New Zealand for 14 consecutive days after completing managed isolation before travelling to Australia

    • Specific quarantine requirements are generally being managed by state and territory health departments; for example, in some states or territories, arriving travelers are responsible for paying the costs of their quarantine

    • All travelers entering Australia should complete the Australia Travel Declaration at least 72 hours before boarding a flight

    • Some Australian State and Territories have also imposed additional arrival procedures (e.g. travelers arriving in Victoria may be required to complete a Victorian Quarantine Arrival Form before departing for Australia)

    • All passengers and air crew must wear masks on flights and in airports

    • Air crew must take a COVID-19 test every seven days or on arrival in Australia, must continue to quarantine in between international flights or for 14 days, and must not reposition for an outgoing international flight unless they do so on a crew-only flight

    • All travelers to Australia must provide a negative COVID-19 test (completed within 72 hours) prior to departure; limited exemptions apply as follows:
    - Children aged four years and younger at the time of check-in for the scheduled flight departure
    - People with a medical condition (who can provide a medical certificate)
    - International air crew
    - Travelers on a designated green safe travel zone flight
    - People travelling from countries where COVID-19 PCR testing is not reasonably available; exemptions for this purpose will be determined by Australia’s Director of Human Biosecurity

    • Travelers to Australia should contact their airline regarding any current requirements relating to COVID-19 testing; further information regarding the COVID-19 testing requirements is available on the Australian Department of Health website
  • Immigration authorities accepting applications however, processing delays should be expected Those listed below can still enter Australia without a travel exemption, however will be required to quarantine upon arrival for a period of 14 days; quarantine requirements vary from state to state - please contact the immigration team for specific advice as there may also be a need to quarantine in states you are transiting through on the way to your final Australian destination; some states also require the traveler to pay for quarantine; - An Australian citizen - A permanent resident of Australia - An immediate family member of an Australian citizen or permanent resident (if you hold a temporary visa or do not yet hold a valid visa for Australia, you must provide proof of your relationship to the Department before you travel to Australia) - A New Zealand citizen usually resident in Australia and their immediate family members - A diplomat accredited to Australia (holding a subclass 995 visa) - A traveler transiting Australia for 72 hours or less - Airline crew - Maritime crew including marine pilots - Recruited under the Government approved Seasonal Worker Program or Pacific Labor Scheme - Holder of a Business Innovation and Investment (subclass 188) visa - Travelling from New Zealand by air and have been in New Zealand 14 days prior to travel (subject to meeting other requirements and are exempt from quarantine) If you do not fall into one of the above categories, a travel exemption is needed. Please contact the Immigration team for assistance with applying The New Zealand safe travel zone has recommenced and allows for travelers who have been in New Zealand for 14 days to travel by air to Australia quarantine-free, without applying for a travel exemption; travelers must ensure their flight is a ‘quarantine-free’ flight Returning Australians and other travelers to Australia must return a negative COVID-19 test prior to departure; exemptions will only be applied in extenuating circumstances, such as seasonal workers where there is limited access to testing
  • BRISBANE IN MADATORY LOCKDOWN 29 MARCH - MIDNIGHT 1 APRIL; MASKS MANDATORY Yes - modified to allow for social distancing (recommend max of 2 passengers included both assignee and his/her family, wearing masks and gloves, keeping 1.5 meters apart)
  • Yes, but only after the initial 2 week quarantine period
  • SEE STATE TABS - BRISBANE IN MADATORY LOCKDOWN MARCH 29 - MIDNIGHT 1 APRIL 1; MASKS MANDATORY; most schools are operating as normal now; where states are affected by positive cases of COVID-19, schools generally close with lockdown; however, lately this is just for a few days and is completely governed by government restrictions when needed

  • • New South Wales: Up to 20 visitors, including adults and children, allowed to visit a residential home at one time; you will need to provide your name and contact details for tracing purposes at many venues; 20 people limit in public places; regional travel for holiday and overnight stays now permitted within NSW

    • Norther Territory: All facilities and amenities are open as normal; you will need to provide your name and contact details for tracing purposes at many venues

    • Queensland: Gatherings in private homes and public spaces will be restricted to a maximum of 10 people; these limits do not apply to businesses operating under a COVID Safe plan; residential aged care and disability accommodation facilities have restrictions on visitors and residents leaving the facility

    • South Australia: Gatherings in the home restricted to 50, public spaces, restaurants, cafes, parks are unlimited, social distancing is required; competitive and contact sport has recommenced; no travel restrictions apply within SA

    • Tasmania: Social gatherings in your home of 20 guests plus the residents are permitted; cinemas and galleries, gyms and beauty salons can host up to 20 patrons

    • Victoria: 50 people can get together from a maximum of two households outdoors and 10 indoors; hairdressers and barbers will be able to recommence work with COVID Safe practices; allied health providers that are currently listed on the permitted work premised list will be able to return to delivering all routine care; real estate auctions, both residential and commercial will be permitted outdoors with a limit; commercial real estate pre-arranged inspections with 1 agent and 1 prospective purchaser or tenant

    • ACT: All venues, facilities and businesses must continue to clearly display occupancy allowance at entrance to each venue or space; bar, pubs and clubs are able to continue to serve alcohol to seated patrons, with no limit on the size of group bookings; when gyms, health clubs and fitness facilities are unstaffed, a maximum of 25 patrons continue to be permitted to be in the venue at any one time; food courts (dine-in) remain open; casinos and gaming in clubs remain open; steam-based services including saunas, steam rooms, steam cabinets and bathhouses remain open

    • Western Australia: All restrictions have been lifted, however social distancing is required; Victoria has an 4 step reopening plan

  • • New South Wales: Yes

    • Northern Territory: Yes

    • Queensland: Yes - Mask Mandatory

    • South Australia: Yes

    • Tasmania: Yes

    • Victoria: Yes

    • ACT: Yes

    • Western Australia: Yes
  • Household Goods

    Survey (Video/In-person)
    • Yes, both

    Packing/Delivery Services (After Customs Clearance) Available?
    • Yes, subject to client outside a 14-day self-isolation period

    Freight Availability/Cost
    Air - Reduced services as a consequence of caps placed on number of air lines arriving in AU; particularly affected by this is Asia. Significant delays to air cargo exports to PNG            
    Sea - Reduced Services; no major improvement towards the congestion in Sydney and Melbourne; all ports across all states in Australia have again increased their fees effective 1 March 2021 ay 10 % that will be levied per container

    Road Availability
    • Normal at present

    Can packing/delivery take place without customer, or nominated representative?
    • No

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