Why Outsource Relocation?

Published: Thursday, August 4, 2022
Sirva Communications

Relocating your employees is not easy, but it is critical to have the people, experience, and knowledge you need in the right place at the right time. Outsourcing relocation is a smart business strategy as the right provider can offer support for your ongoing relocation needs, no matter what the size or complexity, balancing cost management with an exceptional employee experience.

A full-service relocation services provider can evolve with you as your needs change and support everything from global, large-scale projects to smaller lump-sum benefit packages, and everything in between. Relocation management is not a one-size-fits-all offering, and an experienced relocation management company (RMC) will take the time to learn about your company culture, map out your processes, and personalize services around what’s important to you.

An RMC can make sure that you are tax compliant, free up your valuable resources, and ensure a positive experience for your most valuable assets, your people. 



An experienced RMC has the specialized resources to deliver program flexibility backed by a customer focus. Look for an RMC that continually adapts its resources, processes, and personnel to meet your evolving needs. Your outsourced provider will form a personal relationship with your organization and align service delivery based on a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs and objectives of you and your employees.




An outsourced relocation provider can support end-to-end mobility services in countries worldwide and will have a global footprint and integrated structure to provide you with local support everywhere you need it. This will ensure that you and your employees are supported by locally knowledgeable experts, no matter where your employees are moving.

home sale

Innovation in Home Sale

Look for an RMC that offers a unique approach to a wide range of private sector home sale programs. There are home sale programs that can limit the risk of homeownership for corporate clients and eliminate endless administration and billing tasks that come with traditional approaches to company-sponsored home sale programs. An innovative home sale program also provides favorable tax treatment and significant savings to most clients and their employees. An RMC may also be able to offer a breadth of services to complement your home sale program, including household goods moving, mortgage services, title services, and more.




An RMC can offer an innovative relocation management technology solution that provides  your HR managers and relocating employees with robust online and mobile applications to  view real-time information and manage relocation from any device, anywhere in the world.  As part of your implementation process, your RMC should work closely with you to ensure  they can deliver seamless integration and customized tools that work for you and your  relocating employees.




An RMC will have a wide array of specialized expertise, including relocation-specific front-line support, mobility counsel, immigration attorneys, mortgage experts, customs specialists, and global compensation experts, all under a single roof. Having access to such a breadth of talent provides you and your employees with an excellent experience. Your employees can reach all the experts they need at their fingertips, which leads to less confusion, faster service, and a simplified experience. Your outsourced relocation provider will help your HR managers ensure that your relocation package is competitive and modern for attracting and retaining the best talent.


cost management

Cost Management

The integration of an RMC’s suppliers enhances your control over program costs, quality, and performance by removing hidden fees and mark-ups. An RMC can provide regional insight, local experience, and local staff to help you and your employees overcome the complexities and costs of working around the world. Outsourcing relocation can help simplify all things mobility-related for both you and your transferring families by limiting the number of contacts. Eliminating numerous links in the traditional mobility supply chain brings greater command and control over performance—which translates to enhanced employee satisfaction, reduced cycle times, increased security, program cost reduction, and a better overall experience.


Why build an internal process to manage relocation when it is a variable and scalable benefit? Outsourcing relocation is smart and can help you design and deliver outsourced mobility benefits specific to your organizational needs. Outsourcing saves you time, resources, and money, and it provides the benefit of paying for services only when you need them, taking advantage of a fully-vetted and procured global supply chain dedicated to the success of your program. 

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