Three Ways Mobility Technology Can Supercharge Your Talent Development

Published: Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Sirva Communications

With an increasingly competitive and dynamic global talent pool, there are significant talent management challenges across most industries. As organizations seek to increase operations or expand their businesses, they are highly dependent on skilled employees. Employee relocation is just one way organizations can attract, nurture, and retain the best talent, but you need technology that enhances your talent development and the employee experience. 

The right relocation technology can take the guesswork out of your relocation program and eliminate surprises that can derail your talent. Let’s look at three ways mobility technology can help enhance your talent development. 

3 ways to supercharge your talent management

1. Information is Power

HR mobility managers need real-time information to see what’s coming, and plan for what’s next, in your employees’ relocations. Having a centralized hub with the insights, analysis, individual-level status updates can help you successfully manage your employees’ moves. 

With easy access to real-time information on the progress and health of your employees’ relocation journey and your program overall, you have the flexibility to manage your relocation program the way that you want, and rest assured that your employees are supported throughout their relocation experience. 

Look for technology that gives you a customizable dashboard view of your total relocation program and individual employees with the ability to drill deeper into details when needed. 

2. Personalized Experience for Your Talent 

Employees are seeking greater flexibility and personalization in all areas of their lives. As you assess and reinvent your workforce structure, policies, and culture to appeal to both your current and new talent, your employee-facing relocation technology needs to take personalization into account. 

Whether you are managing lump sums, core-flex policies, or full relocation packages, you want your employees to have an experience that is customized and carries throughout their journey. Relocation technology that offers personalized policies and information that is unique to each employee enhances the employee experience. 

3. Accessibility and Flexibility 

To better attract and retain talent, a more customized approach is necessary to deliver employee development opportunities for all. Technology that doesn’t address the unique needs of your diverse talent pool will result in a negative, and ineffective, employee experience. 

Look for relocation technology that is inclusive and incorporates optimized features to support your relocating employees, including accessibility needs (including blindness, hearing impairment, hearing, motor/ physical, epilepsy, or neuro diversity), global support (multiple languages, 24/7 support across time zones), flexibility that allows customization, and guided tours of services available. 

How Can the Right Relocation Technology Power Your Talent Development? 

Relocation opportunities are one way to attract and retain your key talent, and the right technology can provide a positive and consistent experience for your employees. Make sure that your relocation technology helps you power your talent development and ensures that your employees are guided at every step in the relocation journey.