Expert Implementation: SIRVA provides a straightforward transition for Linklaters

Published: Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Company Profile

A leading global law firm backed by 150 years of history, Linklaters has in excess of 4,500 staff worldwide. Headquartered in London, with 29 offices in 20 countries, the firm specialize in advising large multinational companies and working to resolve their most complex and important legal issues across three divisions: Corporate, Dispute Resolution and Finance and Projects.

Linklaters’ workforce are typically globally minded and mobile individuals who excel in their field of expertise and have the opportunity to accept assignments in multiple locations worldwide ensuring that the company remains responsive to its clients and market opportunities. As their employees and locations are so diverse in their nature, the business was seeking a Relocation Management Company (RMC) that could rise to the challenge that their mobility needs presented.

The Challenge

Linklaters was looking to benchmark the costs of their existing mobility programme as an exercise in due diligence as well as to ensure the organisation was receiving the best value for money. They law firm was looking to partner with an experienced global provider that was the best fit for the company’s priorities and culture, marking each one against their key priorities:

  • A customer focused service model
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Consistent high quality
  • Technology and reporting capability
  • Value-added services 

The organisation had previously transitioned between mobility providers and was cautious about the potential impact of a new partnership, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.

SIRVA's Solution

Throughout the sourcing, procurement and subsequent tender process, SIRVA demonstrated their best fit for both Linklaters’ needs and company culture as a whole. From the initial meetings, all the way through to implementation and go-live date, SIRVA worked to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the existing challenges the law firm faced in order to build a customised solution that would best support the Human Resources team, its employees and the organisation as a whole.

SIRVA offered a world class strategy for Linklaters and while cost was of course a consideration, selection was based on the scope of SIRVA’s knowledge, consistent high quality, flexible technology and proven capability in the marketplace.

From the outset, SIRVA adopted a consultative approach to present a solution with realistic deliverables. The priority was to understand Linklaters’ mobility programme and existing policies, ensuring that it remained stable through a smooth implementation.

Successful Implementation Delivers Immediate, Tangible Results

Despite the challenging timelines involved, SIRVA’s experienced Implementation Team adopted an open and honest dialogue which kept communication on track between both SIRVA and Linklaters. SIRVA devised an invaluable policy matrix which provided a clear framework for Linklaters’ HR Team to work to. The team also saw the immediate difference in terms of value-added services as SIRVA undertook comprehensive policy reviews, using in depth industry knowledge to benchmark Linklaters’ existing mobility programme.

SIRVA fully met Linklaters’ requirements efficiently delivering in scope within a short three month time frame.

One of the most visible positive changes have been seen in the unsolicited feedback that the HR Team has received from its relocated employees. Linklaters employees have consistently scored SIRVA’s consultants five out of five for their service.


SIRVA’s strong reporting capabilities have also made a real difference to the company, affording management insight into detailed statistics such as the male/female employee split for diversity monitoring – something which they did not have access to with their previous RMC.

High Quality Account Management Develops Strong Relationship

Linklaters felt positive about the potential benefits of its partnership with SIRVA early on due to exceptional account management. The team felt that despite the demands of working with the law profession, their Account Director took a genuine interest in seeking to understand the organisation’s culture and the pressures facing both the HR team and in-country employees.

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