Designing a Future-Ready Relocation Programme for Going Global

Published: Wednesday, January 29, 2020

For the modern business, staying still is equivalent to going backwards. Organisational growth was listed as a top enterprise priority for 53% of participants of SIRVA’s 2018 Mobility Report, Talent Mobility for Business Growth - Aligning Practices to Drive Organisational Impact. However, expanding internal operations without a strategic programme is not enough to address this priority and drive growth alone. Companies need to prepare their people and processes for global growth opportunities when they arise.

A relocation programme, including a policy framework, workflow process and service delivery model, is critical to minimise costs and maximise employee and customer experience. With the proper infrastructure, a mobility programme can align to both the organisational and talent priorities of a business, regardless of scale or administrative complexity.

In this paper we will:

  • Discuss the evolution of global mobility programmes

  • Analyse the importance of aligning relocation programmes to the goals and priorities of the overall organisation.

  • Outline the required and recommended components of a relocation programme.