Webinar Replay: Designing Inclusive Mobility For Evolving Talent Needs

Published: Tuesday, July 2, 2024
Sirva Communications

Global mobile workforce trends are evolving, and Mobility is tasked with balancing the need to retain talent and develop skills with meeting business objectives and remaining compliant. How can Mobility evolve to support evolving work practices and remain agile in the future?

In honor of Pride Month, the latest event in Sirva’s 2024 Continuing Education Webinar Series — Designing Inclusive Mobility For Evolving Talent Needs — explored how to develop a human-centered approach to better meet diverse talent needs and create a resilient future-focused mobility program. The webinar shared:

  • Evolving talent needs and expectations of today’s workforce
  • Current mobility policy approaches and challenges
  • Future-focused mobility solutions
  • How personas can be identified and used as a design approach
  • Considerations to support diversity highlighting an LGBTQIA+ persona profile

Evolving Talent Needs

5 generations in the workforce where and how we work  Skills Focus Talent Retention  Mitigate Business Risk
 5 Generations in the Workforce Where and How We Work Skills Focus Talent Retention Mitigate Business Risk


How Do You Address Diversity In Mobility?

Diversity makes for a better business, feeds innovation, widens market share, increases productivity, and helps you attract and retain talent. To address diversity in mobility, it is important to recognize that your talent has both different and preferred needs and a one-size fits all approach does not work. Following are a few approaches that can be pursued to adapt to diverse employee needs as they evolve in the future:

addressing diversity in mobility


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Watch our webinar replay for insights on how you can develop a mobility program that better meets your diverse talent needs and remains resilient in the future. If you would like to have further discussions on evolving talent needs and how to make sure your mobility program remains agile, please contact us at or reach out to your Sirva representative.


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