Conversations With Mobility Leaders: Navigating the Journey to Sustainability

Published: Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Sirva Communications

The topic of sustainability continues to gain traction as an important part of corporate strategy as organizations face the challenge of balancing efficient service delivery with sustainable practices. This involves not only reducing the carbon footprint associated with physical moves, but also implementing comprehensive strategies for sustainable data tracking and resource management. Global Mobility can play a key role in supporting organizational strategies.

In the latest installment of Sirva’s Conversations with Mobility Leaders series, we examine how Global Mobility can help organizations navigate the journey to sustainability.

Our recent discussions with Mobility leaders have focused on some key areas:

  • Measuring and tracking the environmental impact of your mobility program
  • Demonstrating carbon reduction in a measurable way
  • Balancing the need to travel with business growth and profitability against emissions reduction goals
  • Support sustainable goals and driving change


49% of global consumers last year opted to pay a premium for sustainable products
60% of workers want to see their employers taking clear and visible actions
40% of millennials would switch jobs over sustainability action concerns

Sources: Manpower Group and Deloitte

Mobility is leading the way in helping organizations operate more responsibly and incorporating environmentally friendly options into global policies and practices. Modern-day Mobility leaders will continue to seek ways to contribute to greener, more sustainable relocation practices.

Please be sure to read our full summary for insights on how you can help your organization navigate the journey to sustainability.


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