Published: Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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We’re in the home stretch leading up to the Olympics. Here’s the latest information you need to make sure your relocating employees are informed and ready.

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Household Goods




  • There has been a decrease in new properties being put on the market since the beginning of 2024 by 50% compared to the same period in 2023.
  • Increased housing costs around Paris are expected to continue, although this is somewhat unpredictable as it must be considered in relation to ongoing inflation.
  • Landlords are favoring mobility and Civil Code leases, types of leases that enable a date-to-date rental (rather than the traditional open-ended lease that is the standard in France) with end-dates near the beginning of the Games.

Household Goods:

  • Traffic is expected to be extremely heavy throughout the events and the months leading up to it, household goods moves are also likely to be heavily impacted.
  • Delivery of household goods during the Olympic period not only into and within Paris, but also into other parts of France will be impacted as ports may be overwhelmed by activity.
  • Slower customs clearance and extra security checks are to be expected.
  • Increased security around the 13 arrondissements hosting events will impact moves as only accredited individuals will be allowed to enter predefined security zones.
  • Traffic disruption will be widespread due to road closures, parking restrictions, and zone limitations for certain vehicle categories.
  • Delays in performing moves may generate extra charges such as demurrage, warehouse handling, or storage charges. 


  • The Olympics will most likely lead to delays in processing times for visa, work, and resident permit applications closer to the period leading to the event.
  • Caution is advised for moves scheduled for the first half of 2024 but also (and probably most importantly) for title renewals and visa applications scheduled for the period when the Olympics will take place.
  • Anticipate the visa application timeline as much as possible.
  • As a reminder, the visa file can be lodged up to 6 months prior to the estimated travel date for France.

Recommendations For Supporting Relocating Employees

  • Act fast: Quick response times will be key, please act quickly on call supplier communications.
  • Set expectations: Have clear conversations with your relocating employees on what to expect if they plan to travel during the games.
  • Plan for additional costs: Companies will need to plan for higher-than-normal costs for housing, transportation, shipping expenses and incidentals.
  • Authorize services sooner: Authorize services sooner to help minimize disruptions to relocation timelines. 


For more information on the ways you and your relocating employees may be impacted by the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, see our related resources below or contact your Sirva representative.


Sources: Information provided by Nomad Temporary Housing, RelocatEU, and Home Conseil.


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