Mental Health Awareness: Latest Sirva Soundbites Episodes

Published: Thursday, May 23, 2024
Sirva Communications

Season 2 of the Sirva Soundbites Podcast series continues with some timely and interesting topics! We’re excited to bring you our most recent episodes which include a global talent mobility case study with Nissan Australia, and two special episodes in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.  

Tune in for insights, tools, and best practices to help you enhance your talent mobility efforts and navigate the evolving global talent mobility landscape. 

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13Season 2 Episode 6: Shifting Role of the Global Mobility Function: A Nissan (Australia) Case Study

Moray Skilling, National Manager, Digital HR & Strategic Workforce Planning at Nissan AU sheds light on the exciting opportunities and challenges faced by today’s global talent mobility. Discover how Nissan Australia is navigating this complex landscape and gain valuable insights to empower your own talent strategy.

Speakers: Moray Skilling and Jon Johnson


Season 2, Episode 7: An Open Conversation about Mental Health in the Workplace

Join Craig Kramer, mental health ambassador and TEDxJNJ speaker, who talks about issues and stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace, specifically in the global talent mobility field. 

Speakers: Craig Kramer and Emma Dodwell-Groves


Season 2, Episode 8: Supporting Employee Mental Health During Relocation

Jiri Pisch, Global Mobility Regional Leader from Novartis, shares some tips and tricks for creating a healthy balance mentally. In this episode, you will get insights into some of Novartis' mental health and wellness initiatives to help their employees stay mentally fit and happy at work. 

Speakers: Jiri Pisch and Emma Dodwell-Groves


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