Conversations With Mobility Leaders: How ESG Macro-Trends Influence Mobility Strategies

Published: Tuesday, March 26, 2024
Sirva Communications
Sirva regularly engages Mobility thought leaders to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities facing the relocation industry, and to share ideas and strategies that will benefit both their respective organizations and the mobility community at large. 
In this installment of our “Conversations With Mobility Leaders” series, we explore the topic of economic, social, and geopolitical (ESG) macro-trends and their influence on mobility strategies, including:
  • Responses to crisis management through data gathering and strategy
  • Handling crisis management in light of escalating situations around the globe
  • The impact of today’s economy and the need for program cost transparency 
  • New opportunities for improved reporting and decisions driven by program insights

Please read our full summary which highlights our recent discussions with the industry’s preeminent Mobility thought leaders as they provide ideas and insights on how ESG macro-trends are impacting their mobility programs.

The exploration of economic, social, and geopolitical trends and their influence on mobility strategies calls attention to the dynamic nature of global mobility management. This robust conversation between industry colleagues shows us that within these challenges lie opportunities for innovation, with enhanced reporting capabilities enabling informed decision-making and driving program improvements. As organizations navigate the complexities of global mobility, staying in tune with these macro-trends remains essential for adapting and thriving in an evolving landscape.

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