Choosing the Best Relocation Technology: Four Key Areas

Published: Monday, June 6, 2022
Sirva Communications

When choosing any type of technology solution, you are usually doing so with the intent of solving a problem, gaining deeper access to data and insights, and providing enhanced support to your organization. This is even more important when selecting relocation technology, which is used to improve the experience for your employees, but never replace human support and guidance. The right relocation technology can also provide HR managers with next-level program management, reduce administrative burdens, and support your organization’s talent management efforts. 

Effective relocation technology is user-friendly and flexible for employees, with live support when it is needed. It also allows HR managers to avoid surprises, proactively manage and view your entire relocation program, and deliver a personalized experience for key talent. No matter how many moves you manage, you need relocation technology that provides powerful insights and analysis at your fingertips and evolves as your business does. 

Following are four key areas to consider when selecting the best relocation technology for you and your employees. 

1. Personalized Employee Experience 

Relocating employees want flexibility and an experience that is personalized to them, not a generic experience that doesn’t take their unique needs into consideration. At the same time, they want access to personal support. Look for technology that enables your employees to control their personal relocation journey and is developed to mirror the way they use technology in their day-to-day lives. Several key elements to look for include: 

  • Flexible relocation technology creating an experience that attracts and retains top talent, reinforcing that your organization cares about supporting employees during every step of their journey. 
  • Balancing high-tech with high-touch allows employees to control their journey with dashboard of tips, tasks, and timelines, along with notifications and alerts to make navigating the journey faster, easier, and more intuitive. Most importantly, if employees need assistance, they should have live access to a relocation consultant to provide caring support and guidance to make the right decisions for their unique situations. 
  • Streamlined, user-friendly technology creates a world-class, connected experience to help transferees stay on track with next steps and tasks in one user-friendly dashboard. 

2. Control, Flexibility, and Visibility 

For HR managers, choose relocation technology that provides control, visibility, and flexibility. You need a single, centralized hub with the insights, analysis, individual-level status updates, and functionality to successfully manage your program. Several key areas to look for include: 

  • Customizable visibility of your total relocation program with a configurable dashboard for at-a-glance views on your program and the ability to drill deeper into details. Look for technology that provides visibility to the initiation process, policy workflows, and escalation routing, all in one place. You also want multi-channel access to your relocation management company (RMC) for questions or support. 
  • Role-based security and defined views by user so your teams have the information they need, when they need it, and data is kept secure. 
  • Personalized policy configuration to meet your employees’ needs, including any flexible options for employee choice. Whether you are managing lump sums, Core-Flex policies, or full relocation packages, you want your employees to have an experience that is customized to the individual and carries throughout their journey. 

SIRVA helping you to get real time data3. Real-Time Data & Reporting 

Proactive insights and immediate access to data points on moments that matter in an employee’s relocation journey is vital to HR managers. You need relocation reporting that provides both a dashboard view and the ability to take a deeper dive to uncover insights and share information within your organization at a moment’s notice. Several key areas to look for include: 

  • Real-time insights, data, and information that allows you to effectively communicate your program details at any level, any time. 
  • Robust reporting that gives you the ability to drill-down on program details and provides flexibility and a vast array of data points. 
  • Simple, intuitive expense report design that permits your employees to submit itemized expenses and upload receipts via the web or mobile app, safeguarding against errors and out-of-policy expense requests. 
  • Fast feedback loop that lets you assess real-time satisfaction for transferees and provides the ability for prompt course corrections, with 24/7 assistance.

4. Optimized Features and Benefits 

On the other side of every interaction and process is a human who is looking to solve their unique challenges. Look for technology that incorporates optimized features to support HR managers and relocating employees, including accessibility, global support, flexibility, and seamless connectivity with other providers. Relocation technology that doesn’t incorporate these elements runs the risk of not appropriately supporting all your employees and their unique needs. Several key areas to look for include: 

  • Inclusive platform design that accommodates accessibility needs including blindness, hearing impairment, hearing, motor/ physical, epilepsy, or neuro diversity. 
  • Global support including multiple languages, customer data tracked across all regions, and 24/7 support in any region. 
  • Flexible policy features that provide unique customization where HR managers select “core” policy elements and employees select the “flex” policy elements, with the support of a relocation consultant to make sure they are making the best selections for their needs. 
  • Guided tour and education for employees of what’s available in their relocation package. 
  • APIs to create a system of record to connect your relocation experience and tie together the relocation management company, tax provider, visa and immigration, etc. in one place. 

What Does Choosing the Right Relocation Technology Mean for You? 

The right relocation technology can provide you with next-level program management and a personalized employee experience for your talent. Whether you are managing a robust mobility program, or only have a few key moves per year, your relocation technology should provide a single, powerful hub with the insights, analysis, individual-level status updates, and functionality you need to be successful. 

  • Relocation technology with the right blend of intuitive, flexible technology, with human guidance when needed: 
  • Supports your talent management efforts with a connected and personalized relocation experience that helps you attract and retain top talent by supporting employees through every step in their journey. 
  • Evolves with you as your business changes and the needs of your employees change. 
  • Reduces administrative burdens and helps you stay in control of your entire program at your fingertips, including personalized analytics, cost monitoring, and planning. 
  • Enables system of record capability helping you securely and seamlessly connect your RMC, tax, and visa/ immigration providers using APIs to tie them together in one place. 

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