SIRVA Announces Launch of SIRVAlytics Customer Insights Tool

Published: Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Provides Customers with Access to Comprehensive Insights Critical to Elevating Relocation Program Performance

CHICAGO—(March  10, 2015) — SIRVA,  Inc. (“SIRVA” or the “Company”), a leading provider of global mobility services delivering integrated relocation and moving solutions for multi-national corporations, governments and consumers, today unveiled new enhancements to its SIRVA Connect platform with the launch of its SIRVAlytics customer insights offering.

SIRVAlytics was created to build on SIRVA’s commitment to driving continuous innovation in ways that address underserved areas of the relocation and mobility market.  SIRVAlytics provides customers with unprecedented access to their relocation program data in order to deliver value-added benefits such as improved program management, realization of cost efficiencies and an overall higher quality relocation experience for employees.  These benefits are derived from the comprehensive data SIRVAlytics is able to compile surrounding every step of the relocation process, and the innovative dashboard that allows customers to interact with their data in a customizable and easily digestible format.  With SIRVAlytics, customers will have access to custom reporting and analytical tools to optimize the relocation process and help make better informed decisions.   

“This offering is a direct response to customers’ desire for greater access to real-time reporting and analytics information that will allow them to deliver improved program efficiencies and an overall higher-quality relocation experience for employees,” added Linda Smith, Chief Commercial Officer at SIRVA. “The dynamic tool is optimized to show relocation data as actionable insights to meet the unique needs of each client’s program. SIRVAlytics enables customers to effectively tell the story of their relocation program.”

“As a leading provider of mobility services, we take great pride in listening to our customers and responding to their needs in order to fill the gaps that may exist in the market with innovative solutions,” said George Parr, Chief Marketing Officer at SIRVA. “With SIRVAlytics, we utilize predictive analytics to provide comprehensive analysis and deliver breakthrough insights from our customers’ existing data.  This tool extracts additional value for customers and empowers them to make smarter decisions and deliver better outcomes throughout the relocation experience.”