SIRVA's Gulf Nations Mobility Report Enables Companies To Make More Informed Decisions In The Dynamic Region

Published: Thursday, November 13, 2014

CHICAGO—(November 11, 2014)—SIRVA, Inc., a leading provider of global mobility services delivering integrated relocation and moving solutions for multi-national corporations, governments and consumers, has released the findings of its comprehensive Gulf Nations Mobility Survey. The report outlines key policy components for assignments into the Gulf region and enables companies to better understand this dynamic region and make more informed mobility decisions. 

Specifically, SIRVA’s Gulf Nations Mobility Report provides valuable policy and practices benchmarking data; insights on emerging trends in the Gulf region; and updates on established international assignment locations, such as Doha and Dubai as well as emerging expatriate locations such as Erbil in Northern Iraq.

Since the 1970s, the number of foreign nationals working in the Gulf nations, such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, has increased continuously and is expected to sustain. The growth of private industries including financial, oil and gas, and construction, attracts foreigners from all over the world with employment opportunities. But this environment has created several relocation challenges for companies relocating employees into and within the region. Companies and their employees face rising health care costs, visa and taxation requirements, and increasing housing costs, among other mobility challenges.


“The expansion of private industry in the Gulf region has created an influx of foreign national workers and continued economic growth,” said Neda Mirbashiri, Associate Director, Middle East, SIRVA. “To be successful in this dynamic region, companies must have access to relevant industry insights and should leverage a relocation management company with the expertise and experience to inform and guide their mobility programs. SIRVA's Gulf Nations Mobility Report addresses the lack of readily available benchmark information on mobility policies and practices for the region.”

SIRVA’s Gulf Nations Mobility Report presents current data provided for short term, long term, local plus, and fly-in fly-out assignments into eight Gulf locations. The report includes insight from contributing companies across the Middle East, Europe, Americas and Asia. It explores assignment compensation and allowances, preparation and planning, and administration and outsourcing practices.