SIRVA Introduces Innovative Lump Sum Xpress Service

Published: Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SIRVA Introduces Innovative Lump Sum Xpress Service

Comprehensive Management Tool Delivers Exceptional Relocation Experience for Employees

CHICAGO—(October 22, 2014) — SIRVA,  Inc. (“SIRVA”), a leading provider of global mobility services delivering integrated relocation and moving solutions for multi-national corporations, governments and consumers, today introduced an upgrade of its Lump Sum Xpress service to help companies and employees with lump sum relocation allotments.  Lump Sum Xpress provides customers with the next generation in lump sum management by offering a self-service model that supports employees throughout the relocation process.  With Lump Sum Xpress, users manage their relocation tasks, expenses and supplier selection via an online and mobile platform.

SIRVA’s Lump Sum Xpress is a comprehensive and convenient service that offers significant benefits for employees and companies alike.

 Employee Benefits:

  • Pre-loaded, declining-balance credit card provided by MasterCard® allows for quick access to relocation funds and is seamlessly integrated to Lump Sum Xpress website
  • Access to extensive supplier network with exclusive discounts and bundled services
  • Superior expense management ability through greater transparency into relocation related spending
  • Fully customized experience tailored to employee needs
  • Convenient mobile access gives employees the information they need when they need it
  • Detailed checklists and personal due dates help support and organize employees as they navigate the complex relocation process
  • Tips and tools inform employees and allow for smarter decisions across various moving stages

Company Benefits:

  • Improved overall onboarding experience helps transition new employees quickly
  • Thorough support process reduces employee counseling time
  • Potential for cost-saving efficiencies through detailed reports outlining employee lump sum spending  
  • Simplified corporate reporting and reduced administrative paperwork as companies can authorize and deliver services before employees are on payroll

“SIRVA’s ability to provide support throughout the entire relocation process is what sets us apart. With our next generation of Lump Sum Xpress service, we can help companies establish a positive connection early in the transition process while providing employees with unique ways to optimize and manage relocation expenses,” said George Parr, SIRVA, Chief Marketing Officer. “The robust and constantly improving Xpress platform we have built works to effectively demystify the relocation process and empower employees throughout the various stages of their relocation.”

“Our goal is to ensure that Lump Sum Xpress outpaces peers with our expanded capabilities and personal customization options,” said Jason Birnbaum, SIRVA Chief Technology Officer.  “We take pride in listening to our customers and responding with solutions that they truly value.  Lump Sum Xpress is a great example of our ability to develop solutions that customers need.”

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