Published: Monday, March 10, 2014
Jon Reischel

CHICAGO—(August 7, 2012) — SIRVA Worldwide, Inc., a leading global relocation and moving services provider, announced its client and customer portals underwent third-party security testing and received perfect scores.

The comprehensive testing, which evaluated the risk of all types of technical and business logic vulnerabilities, found no security threats. This perfect score places these sites among the top 27 percent of all websites currently tested by this third-party service.

This perfect score illustrates SIRVA’s commitment to data security and validates the design integrity of the company’s websites.

“Data security is a significant priority for SIRVA and our clients,” said Matthew Dickerson, SIRVA Relocation’s Chief Information Officer. “We employ this rigorous testing to ensure every precaution is in place to keep our clients’ personal and sensitive data safe from a wide variety of threats.”

Typically, companies undergo basic internal data security testing four times a year, but SIRVA goes above and beyond this approach by having a third-party assess its sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

WhiteHat Security conducted the testing with WhiteHat Sentinel, its website vulnerability management solution which provides an accurate, ongoing view of an organization’s website security posture. WhiteHat Sentinel combines a cloud-based vulnerability assessment platform and custom-testing and verification by website security engineers in the WhiteHat Threat Research Center. WhiteHat Sentinel tests for 26 Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) threat classifications ranging from low to urgent severity and addresses new threats as they arise.

To learn more about SIRVA, visit or call 1.800.341.5648/ +44.1793.619.555/ +852.2104.6668.