Sirva's New Lump Sum Xpress Portal Transforms the Customer Experience

Published: Monday, March 10, 2014
Tammy Monroe

CHICAGO—(October 10, 2013)— SIRVA Worldwide Inc., a leading global relocation and moving services provider, has launched its Lump Sum Xpress portal. Unique to the market, this tool revolutionizes the customer experience. Now, employees can easily manage their lump sum benefits online and companies can build consistency into their lump sum programs.

SIRVA’s Lump Sum Xpress offers employees the information they need to relocate in one convenient spot. Within the portal, employees can manage their lump sum benefits through an integrated declining-balance credit card, enabling superior expense management and greater transparency into their spending. Employees can also use the portal to receive special discounts and cash-back rewards to maximize their relocation budgets so they have more to spend on the items they need for a seamless move. Within the portal, employees are given access to premier vendors to ensure the highest quality service in home sale, moving and mortgages.

Lump Sum Xpress delivers significant benefits to companies as well. Companies can gain clarity into employee lump sum spending, allowing them to refine compensation to reflect true costs. Xpress also simplifies corporate reporting and reduces administrative paperwork by enabling companies to authorize and deliver services before employees are on payroll, improving their onboarding experience.

“With our Lump Sum Xpress portal, issuing and managing lump sum payments has never been simpler,” said Matthew Dickerson, SIRVA’s SVP and Global Chief Information Officer of Commercial Technologies. “Xpress makes lump sums effortless for employees and mobility managers. It takes the guesswork out of a traditionally inconsistent process, empowering employees to manage lump sum payments their way. This innovation will change the way companies manage lump sum payments and how employees make relocation-related purchases.”

In addition to expense management and gaining access to qualified suppliers, Lump Sum Xpress provides employees with moving tools such as rent and mortgage calculators and other valuable information to simplify their move and ensure the best mobility experience.

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