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  • • There are no medical certificate requirements.

    • Employees of companies operating in five business categories who have not received the COVID19 vaccine must undergo mandatory COVID-19 PCR testing every 14 days. The business categories include: hotels, restaurants, transportation and health, social and individual activities related to laundries, beauty salons and barbershops.

    • South Korean nationals entering under the Fast-Track Entry System are subject to specific entry and quarantine requirements. Please contact your Fragomen representative for more information.

    • Fully vaccinated citizens and residents of Bahrain, Italy, Seychelles, Serbia, and Greece who are entering from those countries are exempt from quarantine requirements in the United Arab Emirates due to safe travel corridor agreements between each country and the United Arab Emirates.

    • Individuals visiting the Al Seha Medical Centers in Abu Dhabi to complete their medical fitness test for immigration purposes must present a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate, obtained no more than 48 hours prior to their visit.

  • • Government offices have resumed full operations.

    • Effective August 1, 2021, entry to all Federal Government Department and Ministries require individuals to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate, obtained no more than 48 hours prior to their visit, or evidence they have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

    • The processing of new work permit applications for individuals outside the UAE is currently suspended for most categories of applicants in most jurisdictions. For further information, contact your Fragomen professional.

    • Travel Restrictions: Entry ban for passengers who have been to or transited through Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Indonesia, Liberia, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leon, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Vietnam, and Zambia in the 14 days prior to entry. This does not apply to UAE citizens, diplomats and UAE Golden visa holders.

    • Suspension of flights between the United Arab Emirates and Yemen until further notice.

    • Suspension of flights from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Namibia, Sierra Leon, Uganda and Zambia, until further notice.

    • Suspension of flights from India and Pakistan until July 31, 2021

    • Suspension of flights from Nigeria and South Africa until July 31, 2021.

    • Transit ban for individuals who have been to Nigeria or South Africa in the 14 days prior to entry. This includes passengers who are transiting via third countries; this does not apply to Emirati nationals and diplomats.

    • Entry via land borders is restricted: some border crossings allow entry of only Omani nationals, others are open for GCC nationals and foreign nationals holding a residence permit for the United Arab Emirates and the bordering country.
  • Services currently offered include:

    • Virtual, with limited face-to-face interaction

    • Lease checks

    • Check in/out: prior to move-in, the unit has been pre-inspected; latest health or medical certification of all incoming occupants which will state that occupant(s) was never a suspected or probable case individual and has never been identified as positive COVID-19 case individual, if identified, submit result of negative RT-PCR as per DOH standard; mandatory wearing of facemask, body temperature screening and use of foot bath.

    • Negotiations

    • Timelines (normal)

    • Market availability; mobility is limited to verify available properties

    • Additionally agents can assist with:
    - Needs assessment calls.
    - Sharing housing market information.
    - Sharing sample properties online.
    - Conducting lease contract reviews and negotiation.
    - Coordinating and assisting in utilities set-up such as internet and cable.
    - Providing school information.
    - Coordinating temporary housing bookings.
    - Providing information on bank accounts opening requirements.
    - Providing information on local registration requirements.
  • Yes.

  • • Tertiary level (e.g. universities and other higher education institutions):
    - Face-to-Face teaching is permitted only if the students absolutely need to be onsite (e.g. instruction on operating a particular machine, dissection during medical studies) and if the teaching forms an essential part of the course of study, otherwise, a switch to remote learning is required.
    - Examinations linked to study courses or higher vocational training and the examinations necessary for obtaining an official certificate may be held on-site provided that the precautionary measures are observed.

  • • Currently unless you are a national or have a residence visa you are not allowed to enter Abu Dhabi through the airport; there are strict rules for travelling into Abu Dhabi by road; all passengers entering Abu Dhabi must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test result issued within 96 hours; you may have to quarantine depending on how long you have been in the UAE.

    • If you have just arrived in Dubai and travel straight to Abu Dhabi, you must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test result issued within 96 hours and take a DPI test at the border; you must also quarantine for 14 days and wear a tracking wristband; your quarantine may be at home, in a hotel, or in accommodation provided by the health authorities; after 12 days you must take another COVID-19 PCR test; if you are negative, you can remove the wristband after 14 days; if you are positive, you must follow the Abu Dhabi health authority advice.

    • If you have been in the UAE for up to 14 days your quarantine time will be reduced by the number of days you have already been in another emirate of the UAE; for example, if you have been in Dubai for 10 days before entering Abu Dhabi, you must quarantine for 4 days after entering Abu Dhabi.

    • If you have spent more than 14 days in the UAE before entering Abu Dhabi you must present at the Abu Dhabi border your negative COVID-19 PCR test results or negative laser DPI blood test results issued within 96 hours; if you are staying in Abu Dhabi for six or more consecutive days, you must take another COVID-19 PCR test by the sixth day; these tests are a legal requirement.
  • Open, with social distancing and all passengers must wear a mask.
  • Household Goods

    Survey (Video/In-person)
    • Video only

    Packing/Delivery Services (After Customs Clearance) Available?
    • Yes

    Freight Availability/Cost
    • Air: Reduced services; average increase approxomately 25%
    particularly affected USA, UK, and Netherlands, etc.
    • Sea: Reduced services causing spacing issues and increases in

    Road Availability
    • Normal at present

    Can packing/delivery take place without customer, or nominated representative?
    • No, customer must sign waiver if nominating a representative

Entry Restrictions

Partially Restricted

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