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  • • Fully vaccinated and recovered travelers do not have to carry a negative COVID-19 test result.
    - Travelers are considered fully vaccinated after the final dose of a European Medicines Agency-approved vaccine, and must carry a vaccination certificate.
    - Recovered travelers must be asymptomatic, must have recovered no more than 6 months before entry, and must carry a recovery certificate issued by an EU/Schengen Area-based doctor or national authority.

    • Digital Health Platforms: Luxembourg issues and accepts the EU Digital COVID Certificate as proof of vaccination, recovery or negative testing.

    • Quarantine and COVID-19 Testing: Negative COVID-19 NAAT test (PCR, TMA or LAMP), completed no more than 72 hours before boarding; or rapid antigen test completed no more than 48 hours before boarding; for all travelers (electronic or paper confirmation). Test results must be issued in or translated to English, French, German, Italian, Luxembourgish, Portuguese or Spanish. The following travelers are exempt:
    - Children under 6
    - People on duty employed in the transport sector.
    - Passengers in transit at the airport.
    - Travelers making a round trip by air for less than 72 hours, from Luxembourg to an EU/Schengen Area country, provided they have not left those areas.

    • Temperature checks are performed upon arrival.

    • Travelers who visited India (applicable until September 14) or the United Kingdom (applicable until July 31) in the 14 days before entry complete the following additional steps:
    - On-arrival COVID-19 PCR, TMA or LAMP test, at Findel airport or by appointment at a laboratory that does not require prescription/booking code.
    - Notification to the Health Inspectorate (by email: or by phone: 247-65533).
    - 7-day quarantine;
    - Second in-country test on day 6 of quarantine (travelers will receive a prescription/booking code from the Health Inspectorate). Travelers testing negative on this test can cease quarantine; travelers refusing the second test or testing positive continue to quarantine for another 7 days, totaling at 14-day quarantine.

    • Transport workers entering for professional purposes may cease quarantine, provided that they leave Luxembourg as soon as possible in the course of their professional activities.

    • No quarantine requirements apply to other travelers.

    • Other Requirements: Passenger Locator Form, completed in the 48 hours before entry, for all travelers entering by air. Transiting travelers are exempt.

  • • Application filing and processing for both initial and renewal work and residence authorization applications has resumed. Some delays on the standard processing time might be expected due to the civil servants' working arrangements.

    • Foreign nationals with expired statuses abroad should apply for a new residence / work authorization.

    • In-person visits to the Immigration Directorate to carry out the biometrics and collect the residence permits are allowed only by appointment.

    • The Delhi embassy is closed until further notice.

    • Travel Restrictions: Until September 30 (inclusive), entry is allowed for the following categories:
    - Travelers from EU countries.
    - Luxembourg nationals and residents, and their family members, including for short-term stay (partners and short-term travelers require approval from the Passport, Visa and Legalization Office).
    - EU/Schengen Area nationals and residents and their family members (short-term travelers require approval from the Passport, Visa and Legalization Office).
    - UK nationals with proof of residence in an EU country before December 31, 2020.
    - Nationals of Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City and their family members;
    - Residents of countries listed here (Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Mainland China residents pending reciprocity).
    - Highly skilled foreign nationals whose employment is economically necessary and cannot be postponed or performed from abroad, carrying a specific certificate issued by the Passport, Visa and Legalization Office.
    - Those holding a D-visa issued by a Schengen country.
    - Those holding temporary residence permits for employment or family reunification, with a corresponding D visa if required.
    - Cross-border, transport and essential workers (e.g., healthcare professionals).
    - Students carrying a certificate from the Passport, Visa and Legalization Office.
    - Those in transit.
    - Those in a situation of absolute necessity.

    • Land border checks are possible.
  • Yes.
  • Yes.
  • Schools are open.

  • • Schools, cinemas, restaurants, airports, etc. have reopened (some will be reopening as of 29 May).

    • Population, as well as workers (even if not residing in Luxembourg), will be all tested in order to have a general map of the COVID-19 situation as well as in isolate positive cases and trace people in contact with these positive cases within the last week where possible.
  • Public transport is now working as usual, but face masks are mandatory; otherwise, access to transport will be denied.
  • Household Goods

    Survey (Video/In-person)
    • Yes, both / video recommended

    Packing/Delivery Services (After Customs Clearance) Available?
    • Yes

    Freight Availability/Cost
    • Air: Limited Services
    • Sea: Normal Services

    Road Availability
    • Yes with some limitations

    Can packing/delivery take place without customer, or nominated representative?
    • No, customer must sign waiver if nominating a representative

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