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  • COVID-19 Testing Requirements The Austrian government announced new requirements to enter the country effective February 22, 2021: 3-G is required for arrivals from all countries: either valid proof of vaccination, or a negative Covid-test, or proof of recovery. Individuals are allowed to enter without valid proof of 3-G, but are required to register upon entry (pre-travel clearance)and quarantine for 10 days. A negative test result ends the quanratine.

  • • In Vienna, biometrics can only be scheduled after arrival. Applicants submit a passport stamp or flight ticket to confirm their arrival date, and a negative COVID-19 test result. This causes delay in obtaining residence permits.

    • Extension applications should still be submitted via email, if possible.

    • Approved residence permits are being delivered via regular mail.

    • Address registrations are to be completed via email.

    • Most consular posts have reopened. Please check with your consular post before visiting.
    - The embassy in New Delhi currently only accepts residence permit applications. Travel Restrictions Travel from high-risk countries (‘virus variant areas’) is limited to essential purposes:
    - Austrian/EU/European Economic Area/Swiss nationals and residents, and their cohabiting family members; Vaccinated or Recovered Travelers Non-vaccinated Travelers
    - Austrian residence permit or residence document holders (including Article 50 filing confirmation);
    - Travelers entering to start or proceed with studies or research, or who are in school in Austria;
    - Those traveling for professional reasons;
    - Travelers with exceptional, urgent or important family reasons for travel (including visiting a life partner);
    - Transport staff; and
    - Individuals in transit (carrying documents securing exit from Austria).

    • Entry from safe / low-risk countries and from other countries (neither low- nor high-risk) is permitted without restriction on entry purpose.

    • Border checks at the land borders with Hungary and Slovenia until May 11, 2022.

  • • Virtual services only, where possible.

    • In-person property viewings are restricted.
  • Properties are available.

  • • Schools are open

  • • For up to date information on the COVID-19 situation in Austria (entry requirements in hotels, restaurants etc.), we recommend to visit the website of the Austrian National Tourist Board:

    • Only those who are vaccinated are allowed to use the ski lifts.

    • For Hotels, restaurants, and hairdressers, proof of full vaccination/recovery from COVID-19 is mandatory. Hotels will close to tourists who are not already staying in the hotel prior to the lockdown.

    • Workplaces will remain open, however employees should work from home when possible.

    • Non-essential shops will close.

    • FFP2 masks are required to be worn in all closed spaces and in workplaces.

    • For events with 25 people or more, proof of full vaccination/recovery is mandatory (children under the age of 12 are exempt).

    • Vaccines will become mandatory from February 2022.

  • • Public transportion is available.
  • Household Goods

    Survey (Video/In-person)
    • Video

    Packing/Delivery Services (After Customs Clearance) Available?
    •Yes, but restricted to small operations

    Freight Availability/Cost
    • Air: Limited number of flights (case-by-case), high rates
    • Sea: Normal service at present

    Road Availability
    • Limited trucking capacity available; high rates.

    Can packing/delivery take place without customer, or nominated representative?
    • No, customer must sign waiver if nominating a representative.

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