Published: Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Sirva Communications

Sirva recently held a workshop with global mobility and HR professionals based in Shanghai, China to share new ideas and best practices to enhance their mobility programs and develop strategies to optimize program cost, enhance employee experience, and achieve business and talent objectives.

The purpose of the workshop was to identify areas of mobility programs that must be future-proofed so the Mobility function remains relevant to the new generation of mobile workforce. To that end, we sought to answer the question: how does your organization leverage strategic global mobility? See below for highlights of the workshop and for further details, please read our full workshop summary.


Organizational Goals

Attract Top Talent Retainable Valuable Employees Develop Employee  Skillsets

 Attract Top Talent

 Retain Valuable Employees

 Develop Employee Skillsets


Workshop Highlights: Five Key Takeaways

This workshop highlighted a critical shift in global mobility strategies for China. Here are some key takeaways:

Shanghai Workshop Blog (1)

By addressing challenges and acting on opportunities, Global Mobility and HR managers can establish a more robust and competitive strategy for the global workforce into and out of China, fostering a thriving and future-proof talent pool.

Read The Full Workshop Summary


If you would like to learn more about mobility trends in the Asia Pacific region, and around the world, please reach out to your Sirva representative or email us at We’d be happy to connect with you.


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