Four Areas of Impact When Aligning DE&I and Mobility Programs

Published: Wednesday, March 16, 2022
Kathy Burrows

Considerations for Aligning DE&I Initiatives with Your Mobility Program

As organizations around the globe seek to cultivate a workplace that is diverse and inclusive and provides an equitable environment for all employees, there is a real opportunity to align their DE&I initiatives with their mobility programs.

SIRVA’s white paper, Diversity Equity & Inclusion Considerations for Mobility Programs, explores four areas of impact to consider when aligning organizational DE&I initiatives with mobility programs and policies, including:

  • Policy review (policy differentiation, language, and benefits)
  • Processes and procedures review (location challenges, authorization forms, needs analysis, data collected, and communications templates)
  • Vendor alignment (setting expectations, analysis, update, and implementation, minority and disadvantaged owned businesses, and diverse employee populations)
  • Analytics (use mobility data to provide insight into mobile population demographics, track utilization and impacts on employee experience and success)

Read our white paper for more information on:

  • Approaches and considerations that organizations have taken
  • Key policy areas to examine, including how mobility policies are differentiated, the language used, and the benefits being offered
  • How to communicate DE&I initiatives with mobility partners and vendors to ensure alignment with organizational goals
  • Leveraging mobility data to assess your mobility program’s alignment and progress in achieving DE&I initiatives and goals



For further information on aligning DE&I initiatives with your mobility program, or assessing your overall mobility program, contact SIRVA Global Advisory Services at or reach out to your SIRVA account manager or sales representative.

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