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Relocation Management: Outsource Your Relocation Services

When considering the steps necessary to formalize your mobility program, remember that employee relocation is not a set expense but a variable expense. Unlike health care benefits, relocation benefits are only utilized as needed, and there is no cost until a service is authorized. A helpful way to organize these services is through a relocation management program like SIRVA Advantage.

Outsourcing relocation services is an efficient way to ensure your employees are taken care of from start to finish, based on their own unique needs. Some may have families and houses while others may only have a car and a few suitcases, so it’s important to find a relocation management solution customized to that specific individual.

The key to successfully outsourcing relocation services is to establish the type of program you want and then build an executable policy around it . Many companies start by establishing policy “tiers” that address the types of benefits you might want to offer. An example might be:

  • Executive VIP Package
  • Standard Package
  • Lump Sum Only Package

Or you can simplify the relocation management process further with:

  • Home Owner Relocation Package
  • Renter Relocation Package

Whatever you decide is best for your company, your SIRVA Advantage relocation management expert will help you build the right program, put the right resources in place to deliver your program, and implement the process so you’re ready to move forward as your company grows.

Professionally designed corporate relocation programs lead to an outstanding experience for employees and greater cost efficiency for clients. When outsourcing relocation services with SIRVA, we provide the flexibility to ensure that resources are allocated effectively while maintaining a solid foundation for our clients to feel prepared for each individual move.

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