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Visa & Immigration | China’s Green Card

by Sophia Hu

Effective Date:

July 2017

Impacted Area:


The Ministry of Public Security recently announced plans to upgrade the foreign permanent residents’ green card, which will be renamed Permanent Residence Identity Card in July this year. The green cards that are already issued will remain valid until the expiration date.

Benefits of This Upgrade

Successful applicants will receive same the treatment as a Chinese citizen in the following areas:

  • Home Purchase 
  • Financial Services 
  • Driving License
  • Child’s Education
  • Transportation 
  • Accommodation
  • Social Insurance 
  • Provident Fund

Impact of the Above Changes 

  • The approval process will be reduced from 180 days to 50 working days 
  • There will be fewer restrictions on the type of work, company, and the period of residency
  • It will adopt a one-stop service for applicants 
  • High-level talents as well as their spouses and children will be qualified automatically

Eligibility of Applicants

  • High-level foreign talents employed by institutions that play a constructive role in China’s economic, social and scientific development 
  • Foreign investors with large volume of foreign direct investment 
  • Foreigners who make a significant contribution to China or prominent highly skilled people whose talent is urgently needed
  • Spouse, children, parents or elder relatives of a Chinese citizen 

For more information, please reach out to our SIRVA Immigration Specialists in China:

Beijing - Assalli Xu | T 8610-58700866 Ext 119| E
Shanghai - Ada Su | T 8621-63323322 Ext 209 | E
China - Sophia Hu | T 8621-63323322 Ext 206 | E