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From the initial policy consulting call through the move itself, there are a lot of moving pieces associated with employee relocation. Whether planning a domestic or international relocation, SIRVA is expertly positioned to offer the best departure services available during a relocation in every region around the world.

Destination Services

Setting your employees up for success upon arrival at their new locations will be key to successfully meeting your company’s goals. SIRVA’s global network and expansive resources allow us to you achieve your goals. Our destination services and international movers help employees and their families settle in and prosper in their new homes.

Visa and Immigration

SIRVA’s team of experienced international relocation specialists are expertly equipped to manage inbound and outbound global immigration services. With SIRVA’s Immigration team, the focus is on providing a smooth customer experience that enhances the relocation process, not just achieving a successful application.

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Employee Counselling

For your employees, a single relocation professional assists with end-to-end coordination of services: a relocation consultant for domestic/intra-country moves or global assignment consultant for international relocation. These consultants are your employees’ resource for all communication and services relating to their move, and coordinate the delivery of all authorised services. Regardless of the service being delivered (temporary housing, moving services, etc.), the employee can rely on the consultant as their go-to resource to address any concerns. 

VIP Services

If you are searching for an enhanced service for your employees, SIRVA offers VIP services such as personal relocation assistants, in-home cleaning services, personalised family assistance, and many other tailored and luxury enhancements. 

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A Simpler Mortgage Closing: eClosing

  • by Debra Monkman
  • 05 October 2021 05:00:00


In recent years, advances in technology have helped streamline and improve the experience of relocating employees, including the process of financing a new home. For transferees who choose to purchase a home in the USA, the closing process can be a stressful experience involving a great deal of paperwork and coordination between parties.

A tool that is helping to simplify the closing process is eClosing, which is the act of closing a mortgage where some or all of the documents are signed electronically. There are different types of closings widely used by lenders and title/escrow companies today, including:

  • Traditional Closing
    All documents are printed and signed in person. These documents are notarised in the traditional way.

  • Hybrid eClosing
    Some documents are signed electronically. Documents that need to be recorded, such as the deed and mortgage, are printed and wet signed in person. These documents are notarised in the traditional way.

  • Full eClosing
    Fully electronic closing using Remote Online Notarisation (RON). All documents are signed electronically and eNotarised via webcam.

neighborhood-homesWith remote online notarisation, instead of being present in the same room, the signatory and the notary meet virtually. The notary verifies the signatory’s ID via webcam and eNotarises the documents. Currently, the availability of RON varies by state. At this time, more than 30 US states have passed laws regarding RON, and several states have pending legislation.

Taking advantage of eClosing can be particularly beneficial to relocating employees by allowing for a more flexible and secure closing process. Transferees who eClose will experience advantages such as:

  • Flexibility
    Transferees can close from anywhere, such as their origin location, from the comfort of a hotel, or even the office. eClosing may also reduce stress when spouses need to sign documents from two different locations.
  • Reduced risk in signing errors
    eClosing platforms require all signature lines to be completed before the closing documents can be finalised, which eliminates the risk of missing signatures on any pages. Date sensitive documents are also protected since they cannot be signed early, eliminating the risk of having to make post-closing corrections.
  • Shorter closing appointments
    Closing appointments are significantly shorter when some or all the documents are signed electronically.
  • Review time
    Documents can be reviewed by all parties in advance and any questions addressed prior to the day of closing.

Corporations will also benefit when relocating employees can eClose. With the convenience of allowing the transferee to close from anywhere, there is less of a chance that the employee will need to take time from work to attend a closing appointment. Reducing stress at closing also allows the employee to focus on additional things, such as their job or other aspects of their relocation. And a streamlined closing process enhances the employee’s overall relocation experience.

Whatever the financing needs of your transferees may be, SIRVA Mortgage is here to help. With nearly 30 years of focus and expertise in relocation mortgage lending, we understand the important role home financing plays in the relocation process. Please visit our mortgage website  to learn more, or contact us, at





Cheryl Pfaffenberger, Director Client Services, SIRVA Mortgage


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