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Orientation Programs

Familiarisation with the new location

Relocating families are under considerable stress when dealing with the various aspects of the move. SIRVA orientation programs can assist – they are handled by professional and competent consultants who have intimate understanding and empathy for the many difficulties faced by family members on relocation assignments.

These are half-day, one-day or two-day programs undertaken usually during the employee’s pre-visit to assist the assignee in understanding their needs in the new location. The program is researched and designed to show the assignee and family the various suburb, housing and lifestyle options and opportunities available appropriate to their needs. At the end of the program (and before commencing a home search program), the assignee should have sufficient information and knowledge to make an informed decision about the area they would like to live in and understand the rental/purchase costs involved.

Within the orientation services framework, familiarisation topics and issues will be addressed as required. These will include general information being provided on all items listed below together with additional information on an ‘as needed’ basis, if authorised by the client.

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