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Cross-Cultural Training & Cultural Counseling

Set your people up for success

Equip your people with the support they need to make the move to a new country as smooth as possible. SIRVA® has a network of expert counselors on the ground to help employees and their families adjust with cross-cultural training — wherever your business takes them.

Seamless adjustments.

Help ease the transition, personally and professionally, for your people and their families. Our providers offer specialised services specific to the assignment location. Relocating employees can receive instruction in area history and geography, daily working and home life, values and cultural differences, as well as practical language training.

Available Programs

Programs available for individuals and groups include:

Transition - For employees and their families going to a foreign location and includes topics such as: day to day living, doing business in the host location and cultural value systems.

Repatriation - For employees and their families returning to their home countries and includes topics such as: the process of re-entry, review of assignment and reprogram.

Corporate cultural awareness & diversity - For multicultural corporate groups and includes topics such as: understanding the unique values of the host culture, impact of diversity in the workplace and protocols.

Family - Designed to alleviate the fears that children often experience relating to new locations and new schools, leaving behind friends, extended family and the familiarities of their current lives.

Adaptability assessment - Pre selection assessment of personality qualities considered influential.

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