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Outsourcing Domestic Relocations and Global Mobility

Improving Strategic Engagement with the Business

There is growing pressure on HR professionals to reduce the time spent on operational tasks, and to provide an increased level of commercial and strategic support to the business. Organisations are very clear in their objective to increase the level of strategic investment from HR and this is often well illustrated in relation to the mobility support associated with talent management. Immediate focus is often the identification of areas that are administrative or transactional and an outsource approach is considered to generate capacity.

For mobility, also high on the priority list is working with the business better to align assignments to strategies for talent attraction and retention. It could also be an opportunity to define the desired mobility outcomes, particularly what constitutes a “successful assignment”.  In looking at streamlining processes the Service Delivery Models is often reviewed to “move-out” transaction/logistical responsibilities and better utilise key supply partners; increasing buying power and managing the sequencing of relocation events to control unnecessary spending.  

Review of outsourcing opportunities and service delivery models is often done in tandem with an evaluation of internal and external systems. There is an increasing expectation of efficiency and productivity in the utilisation of systems. The key is to ensure that the cost and resource implication of change does not surpass the potential benefit. Leveraging supplier system functionality often provides a proven and cost-effective option which often includes connectivity to the clients internal HRIS. There does not appear be one model for all. Variations in volume, subject matter expertise, risk, service scope and even organisational culture all impact the “required solution”.

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